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In true Jim Raynor style, these bottles are actually just stolen and relabeled.

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  1. Frika

    Lol i havent tried that brand yet!

  2. manos1234

    How about making some poster advertising Nepulon’s water for drinking and how good it is for you with the logo:
    “behold the power of Pure water!”

  3. Izzy

    Is there a larger size of this? I would seriously hang this on my wall. Ep. ic.

  4. susan

    gotta photoshop out the walker script on the bottle cap!

  5. Lordi

    This needs to be real.

  6. Enade

    Officail Alcohol of the Alliance?

  7. Metraton

    Had similar idea, Manos1234. There is a mineral water brand of Coca-Cola – BonAqua, which uses some Neptune-styled face. So if there was a commercial with this face changed into Neptulon, with some animation, shouting in deep voice – “Behold the power of PURE water”, it would increase sales by 80% of WoW players.

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