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  1. Ttrinity

    Aye, so much for some free healing PVP gears. /cry. And /golfclap to Blizzard for not really fixing it either. Bah!

  2. Rilgon Arcsinh

    They had an entire goddamn beta to fix it, along with reams and reams of beta tester feedback on how damned defender-biased the battle was.

    What’d they do with this time and feedback? Jack all, it seems.

  3. Govir

    They should just make it points based instead of absolutely needing all three control points to win. Or maybe have a tenacity like buff based on how many points you have. Both of these methods have cons (really the fact that the Defenders would control the towers right away would be the issue with both).

  4. kyle

    all that beta data was useless, no one knew what was going on and the majority of the time were just in the middle killing each other

  5. Comito

    Legendary pic haha!

  6. Kendra

    horde and ally worked together for a short time *sniff* but at least i got all my gear rofl

  7. Neuropox

    All it ends up being is one giant slugfest between 3 locals…. total failure of a BG

  8. Searfrost

    Blizzard once described Tol Barad as “a combination of Wintergrasp” and the Isle of Quel’danas. Yeah, anyone notice how Blizzard NEVER got Wintergrasp right either. So why are people surprised Tol Barad is so poorly balanced?

  9. Muffinslam - New Fan

    I mostly write long, loving yet sarcastic and mean-looking comments, but in this one I simply have to state out:
    Thank you.

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