If you can’t see the comic, the formatting seems off, or your cat is on fire, it’s because I haven’t posted here directly before now and I did it wrong the first time. If any of these things have happened,

do not panic.

The art slave will append whatever errors I’ve laid forth, I assure you. It is in his excellently worded, nearly incomprehensible contract. Let this be a lesson to those of you that like to sign things after you’ve been drinking.

Greetings…blinkers? blinkettes? Blinks? Whatever you call yourselves when you gather together, huddled around your monitors like cavemen awaiting the sunrise, your drums the frenetic sound of F5 being worn to a nub in anticipation of a new DB post. I don’t actually have anything of substance to say, I just wanted to vomit words all over your internets to inform you that I can, and from this day forward, will with some frequency. At some point i’ll probably say something about the comic. But not today. Not today.