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These rabbits aren't even hurt. You. Bunny. Run that way.

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  1. Hotash

    Haha i was thinking about this just yesterday when i went back and did this quest on my alt

  2. BridgetteMcBride

    But. . .but…it’s a freaking hard quest to do! I mean, you try and nab one of those little buggers while they’re running around panicking. Then you have to worry about the flames, the fire, the guy wanted to perform surgery on your head!

    Give me a battle against the Lich King any day!

  3. Linknl

    Ya do it for the bunnies

    Bunny Power

  4. Akiya warrior
    Akiya warrior

    ^^ This

    I wanted to kill the bunnies and squirrels before I was done!

  5. Kelzan

    Then the next phaze was those damn fawn, I would tag agro and the damn person would kill my fawn so I would have to grab another one.

  6. Norske

    Stupid bunnies. Always running away from you. Luckily i got experience from the chicken catching daily up in Sholazar Basin, before I discovered that we got a net.

  7. anonymous

    what about bear cub chucking

  8. Saint Stryfe
    Saint Stryfe

    might I say: the questgiver who gives these two quests in Hyjal, Mylune, has become my favorite quest-giver in WoW.

    “Now they can grow up and have ADVENTURES. You’re swell.”

  9. Edward


    There was a net for that daily?

  10. George

    @Saint Stryfe- seconded. I really wanted her to be one of those quest givers who “groups” with you. She was fun.

  11. NMe

    @Edward Yes but I actually preferred not using it. It was easier to go into flight form and I used to round them up pretty fast that way.

  12. Nerem

    @Norske “Stupid bunnies. Always running away from you. Luckily i got experience from the chicken catching daily up in Sholazar Basin, before I discovered that we got a net.”

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

  13. Frika

    We…we had a net for those chickens!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!

  14. Taiki

    @Norske, there’s a net? Those chickens are tiny too!! :(

  15. Majin

    This is the most good and noble quest in the game. One of the few times I felt like I did something that made me feel like a hero.

  16. Reminesme

    There’s always been a net you goons. XD

  17. raptorx

    fav line “Or ill give you the big eyes” best quest giver ever

  18. Silvaran

    I’ve had thoughts like this doing early quests in expansions. “I’ve traveled to the Orc Homeworld, I’ve defeated the leader of the Shadow Council, killed the leaders of the Alliance, beaten Kael’thas himself! …why the hell am I feeding bird meat to ugly undead dogs?” (Howling Fjord quest)

  19. Liberate

    Tbh, the text in that picture is more or less precisely what I said to my GF when we got to that quest. ^^

  20. Kayeri

    I WANT this as a poster on my own wall!!!! although having my toon there would be nice… lol

    I love it!

  21. Care

    HAHA. This is exactly what I was saying to my friend as I was doing this. “All my years of paladin training in the path of the Light have prepared me for this… I am going to rescue the %*#% out of these bunnies.”

  22. Godsmote

    classic just classic…

  23. leishka

    HAhaHAha its so funny! ^_^

  24. Summerdrake

    If you play the Alliance then there’s a bunneh escort quest in the Grizzly Hills, Northrend, where you gotta save Mr.Floppy!

    Poor Mr.Floppy had to put up with a lot!

    Luv bunnies!<3 They are fluffy angels!

  25. kwah

    i had this same reaction -_-

  26. Shougo

    isnt “braving the elements to protect the weak” the same thing as “rescuing bunnies from a fire”?

    You know? The weak (bunnies) to protect from the elements (fire)?

  27. Sinamon

    i hated this effing quest in beta. the critters moved twice as fast and their target radius was itty bitty. it’s better now but still a pain. and why do they shriek when you save them? or ARE you saving them…or just putting them out of their misery?

  28. Rondy

    This is, without a doubt, THE most annoying quest of all time. Great strip!

  29. Akire


    Those little beast just jumped everywhere! there was crowded by twilight members and elementals who didnt gave you a break, and worst! ALLIANCE EVERYWHERE!!!

    Sindragosa was way way easier! ><

  30. Ostaralore

    I want this as a framed poster in my living room. I really do.

  31. Crestllinger

    *Brings marshmellows to roast along with the venison and rabbit

  32. Lieberstrang

    That’s why I only rescue the Squirrels. Everyone goes for the bunnies.

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