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Other tidbits: Artosis's expert analysis on which herbs are most enjoyed by guinea pigs, complaints over which mounts are imba, and a scandal where a top ranked herbalist is busted using a bot on a public server.

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  1. Karri

    Hah, as an SC2 nerd, that was awesome! Will be waiting for the Heartblossom remix!

  2. Akiya warrior
    Akiya warrior

    OMG, this is perfect!

    To be followed by Major League Mining, I expect LOL

  3. Reighl

    Nope, it will be Minor League Mining.

  4. Alayea

    I remember when there were herb nodes completely all over the place in Deepholm and the respawn rate on Whiptail in Uldum was ridiculous. Ah, good times.

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