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The interview seemed to trail off from here. The subject matter seemed to transition to In n' Out.

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  1. Highthreat


  2. ironwal

    Haha awesomesauce :)

  3. Laylana

    Gosh i had to laugh so hard XD *still tears in her eyes*

  4. Draatz

    So awesome. I love Playing a troll for just this reason

  5. Phil Kahn

    Apropos of nothing, I did briefly run around as a Troll named Reefah.

  6. Music-chan

    Oh man, this is as good as that Ask a Faction Leader on the WoW Insider site.

  7. Laura

    XD God i love this site.

  8. Azek

    Clearly, us trolls fight with a drunken master mindset.

  9. The Risu
    The Risu

    @Azek: Drunken master? Not quite. Drunks punch each other out and make a big mess of things. Anyone fighting Trolls should immediately have to save vs. a contact high (which also dispels Enrage effects) and try to remember what you were doing a moment ago, and…d00d… Are those Mana Strudel? Don’t bogart the conjured munchies d00d, not cool. And have you ever REALLY looked at the polygon count in your hand? Whoa…


  10. Hawk


  11. SK

    ..”These not be tusks, these be pipes. De entire race be high all the time”..


    I love Vol’Jin an’ dem trolls!

  12. Mitchyc

    As a Troll Mage, I approve.

  13. Avos

    Vol’Jin – My Leader

  14. Deepbluediver

    This line:
    “VW: I have never once seen you administer a thing”

    Now there is coffee all over my computer monitor and desk.
    Well played, good sir; well played.

  15. Akire


    I love Vol’jin XD his pure win

  16. Nico(The Sham)
    Nico(The Sham)

    I started to read this at work but had to stop after 3 lines and read it later. It was far to funny and i didn’t want to embarrass myself my breaking into a full ROFL at work, lol.

  17. Muffinslam - New Fan

    oh god, this is just 10 times funnier than garrosh for some reason.
    your good at speaking as a troll, which is a skill that takes talent these days.
    It really feels like things get into character when you make them like that.

    and OH GODDDD, I tipped my chair so close to falling like 5 times, and I can specify
    “dem tauren be tall”
    “these not be tusks. these be pipes.”
    “it will cause even Garrosh Hellscream to chillax.”
    “Voljin never say he good at it”
    “He be red. dat be weird.”
    and so much more

    This might be one of your best ones so far, verbally wise.
    you either make comics that are verbally awesome, or visually awesome.

  18. Squeekers


  19. Facecity

    nothing new, dats how trolls are all da time, mon.

  20. Metraton

    Although I have never seriously played a troll…..I still have some respect for Vol’jin, even considering this is a joke. I mean really, if Moria said so glorious things about Theron on the previous page, then Vol’jin is simply one of the oldest characters in Horde’s history. And no some nigga weedsmoker. Especially when he is on the brink of being exiled from the Horde.

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