It has been brought to our attention by a worrying number of sources that our use of branded viagra the term “Slashfic” is incorrect, and that due to the buy cheap generic viagra no prescription fact that Thrall and Jaina is a heterosexual relationship, does not apply here.

First of all, my initial assumption that “Slash” referred to any erotic fanfiction and it came from the slash in the “Thrall/Jaina” categorization. Thus, you can understand my confusion. Second of all… I’m actually kinda proud that I didn’t understand the proper nomenclature. It means I must have dodged a few bullets in my extensive web browsing during my formative years.

And for the love of God, I *DON’T* want to read your actual Thrall/Jaina fanfiction. PLEASE do not send it to need viagra us (anymore).