Hello, internet friends. Lots of things to put out to you, our gentle, caring and dare i say it? Dashingly handsome readers.

Firstly, we would like to give a gigantic shout-out/thank you to our newfound friends over at Raid Warning, who were kind enough to invite us on their program. We both had a lot of fun, and while i won’t speak for chris here i will say if i spoke less than one might expect of me it was simply because our hosts’ dynamic was so engaging i actually didn’t want to interrupt them because i was too busy listening to what they had to say. It’s a really fun show and i suggest, no, demand that you check them out immediately.

Secondly, Chris and I have decided to work on a project involving blogging a leveling experience, so we have rolled two trolls. Be on the lookout on the Cho’Gall server for the incredibly powerful Threepio and Twaffle. There will be video, there will be blogging, and a Come Gank Us contest. Fun times.

Thirdly, OMG SECRET PROJEKTS. Actually I hate when people do that, so forget it. Instead just know that we’re always working on more ways to convince you to give us money entertain you. We’ll announce them as they’re actually ready to be enjoyed.

In conclusion, follow us on twitter and facebook, give us money, and laugh at our shit. End of line.