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  1. Aliok

    I love Dune references, and the last line really nails the best part. :)

  2. Boomalock

    very powerful stuff.
    i can’t believe it comes from the mind of a mage shouldn’t he be conjuring me some cake right now?

  3. themann1086

    Fitting, since I just re-read the first book last week. Dune is fantastic.

  4. TaskWizard

    What i dont like:
    This is a good poster design, looks like it was made as a great immitation (obviously)
    The word phrasing sounds like a nice immitation.
    The final lines sound epic, like an adjusted line from a movie poster.
    && Why i dont like these things:
    I have never seen whatever “dune” is, let alone the original form of this poster. All that i can derive from this parody is that i missed out on what was sure to be a super funny post…
    Great… :(
    Taskwizard (ZF)

  5. Payne

    Sooo, your saying that they should only use jokes that absolutely everyone will get?

    That would be pretty lame.

  6. Hawk

    This is the original quote from Dune to those who may not know –

    I must not fear.
    Fear is the mind-killer.
    Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my fear.
    I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
    Only I will remain

  7. Moria

    This is something that absolutely NEEDS to be macroed to something. Problem is figuring out what, since I actually DO pug quite a bit. :-(

    …rez macro, perhaps? My current one’s getting a bit old.

  8. Aliok


    If you haven’t seen Dune, then you are missing out on a great sci-fi epic. I recommend the original (ie: NOT the Sci-Fi channel’s interpretation. Ick.), non-extended version.

  9. Smor

    great poster. i’ve always liked dune sense i frist read it. and it’s so fitting in many way. great job on it.

  10. Latour

    Definitely not a mage – that’s a death knight!

  11. Quez

    If you must watch Dune, while the 1984 version is fun, its NOTHING like the books. The Sci-Fi interpretation was pretty accurate to the books.

  12. Kolz

    <3 Dune. Also to the person posting above, Dune can only truly be experienced by reading it. It's an unmatched SF epic.

  13. Anonymismoius

    A goblin face and a PuG? Gevlon/GreedyGoblin got once again famous? 😀

  14. AbyssalAngel

    Love the reference, it’s truly powerful stuff!

    The original Dune still stands as an epitome of Sci-Fi for me, even after 14-16 years since first reading it and 5-8+ re-reads!

    Good stuff

  15. Mihaitha

    @Aliok – actually Sci-fi Channel version captures much more of the book’s content than the ’86 movie. IMO, Lynch’s work = classic, SFC production = epic.

  16. seru

    hahaha big dune fan here :)

  17. Croc

    a) thats a DK , look at the eyes u can also see some of the blue-ish/grey starting armor they get

    b) @TaskWizard either your trolling or you’re ignorant. if it’s the 2nd option go read Frank Herbert’s Dune (the whole series) , sorry to say but none of the movies do justice to dune

  18. darkspore-dna

    nice pic should it be a deathknight^^?

  19. Dhrin

    Wait… “seen” Dune? Don’t drink from a shallow storm gutter when you can drink from the cool mountain spring instead! Read the book! You’ll be glad you did!

  20. Sojeph

    i disagree, the only true way to know of dune is the sega genesis game of course ^_^.
    but all in all great stuff poster

  21. exti

    Anyone know what font is that??

  22. nero

    One of the most awesome things ever seen on the web. Love you guys.

  23. Ahikam

    i want this as a background for my desktop! i’ve always been the hugest fan of Dune! thats absolutely great!

  24. TaskWizard

    @ payne
    nonsense, there is always someone who wont get the reference. Im saying that we should only use jokes that I get.

  25. Kazei

    @TaskWizard: You have the entire Internet at your fingertips. If you don’t recognize “Dune”, Google it!

    And the book is ten times better than either movie.

  26. Tmik


    Agreed! Seen it is nothing compared to reading it. Warned. It is a Behemoth of a Book, akin to Les Miserables and War and Peace. Difference being of course, it’s only slightly better then Les Miserables, and Far better than War and Peace.

    Amazing book.

  27. Moodada

    Dune is the greatest selling science fiction novel in the world – if you don’t get it, read more sci-fi

  28. Ariel

    So say we all!

  29. Aliok

    I won’t disagree that the Sci-Fi channel’s version is truer to the book. My problem with it, personally, is it lacks the emotional oomph the original movie did. Anyways, we can agree that Dune is awesome. :)

  30. CS

    Very funny, and well done.

  31. Thazerijous

    I’m going to read the original novel again now… even though this will be #100+ It will never get old, this shall be my motto in game from now on too 😛

  32. Excpired

    Yeah, you have to read Dune to really get it. The Sci-fi is better than the original film to, but neither truly captures the epic that is Dune. The mini-series starts kind of bad then gets good as it goes, the second part that was released a few years later WAS not good (except for the first hour which is a continuation of the first series characters).

    First 2 books are good, it gets kind of weird after that.

  33. Kapnobatai

    However, I hardy find that a Goblin would be qualified to be the Muad’Dib.

    Nevertheless, they’d function quite well as House Ordos.

  34. Kalenor

    Want this one on a Shirt!!! :-)

  35. Kemanorel

    So going to log on, spec bm and tame a worm just to name it Shai’hulud now. WTB Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s game parody next. Battle room concept, “The enemy’s gate is DOWN” now gogo?

  36. Teowyln

    Kalenor: I wholeheartedly agree

    Kemanorel: I assume that’s a reference to the shield wall being down.

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