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Step one is to walk up to either of these fine characters in game. Step two is to imagine them saying HERP DERP HERP DERP in an infinite loop. Step three is to figure out a suitable excuse to use when explaining to your spouse why you can't stop giggling.

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  1. Swenka

    IDK, I liked the older one better. :P

  2. Zethian

    yea, the old one was better :P

  3. Val

    …Are they…somehow…holding..hands? O_o

  4. Mr. Tastix

    They’re both AWESOME.

  5. Paveric

    Yay art

  6. Chantâ

    The old one is better, buy viagra in uk but still would like to see stick ax and swords

  7. Widelôad

    The old one was funnier =D

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