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THESE AINT YOUR GEMS, RICHARD! THESE GEMS BELONG IN THE GUILD BANK! You can't come into my guild and kick my dog and clean out a bank slot of epic gems! YOUR ASS MUST BE CRAZY!

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  1. MagicMage

    I…think I love you. lol

  2. Another MagicMage
    Another MagicMage

    This is awesome! lol, the bottom, “Reply to thread at own peril” 😀

  3. Godcookie

    It makes a lot of sense, why can’t people see it?

    If a frost mage were to use the ULTIMATE POWER of frost, on the WHOLE PLANTET, the planet would get frozen solid at 0 kelvin, and time would stop. Impressive, but fire on the other hand… If a fire mage would use the ultimate power of fire, turning the planets every atom to a tempratue of Infinite, the amount of energy could turn it into a supernova or worse, removing our solar system and possibly affecting our galaxy, if not more.

    Fire FTW!

  4. Buglamp

    I read it in his voice.

    My mind is full of Terry Tate now.

  5. Roxton

    This is fantastic. I think we can all agree that QQ and whine threads would be immeasurably improved by hiring Terry Tate as a CM.

  6. XZero264

    HA! This is great. I have played fire since I started playing and it’s now that it’s becoming more popular. Love this.

  7. Girl_vs_MMO

    I laughed so hard I’m crying at my desk at work. People think I’m nuts but that’s ok. This is the best Daily Blink yet!

  8. Chantâ

    Man if you could add one of his vid’s but replace him with a mage would be awesome!!

  9. Chantâ

    Replace the guy he smears with a mage sorry, too much drink in the blood.

  10. theone

    I don’t get the joke…

  11. lucky

    @theone: that’s because you’re a mage!

  12. theone

    actually I’m a warrior, I just never heard of Terry Tate before

  13. Arkay

    HAH! If only. The forums would be a lot quieter, I think, with Terry on the job!

  14. Leilanirane

    Epic….just EPIC

  15. Icesnake Frostfyre

    I hope you enjoy being a penguin, Terry. I will be CCing your sorry ass every cooldown for the rest of your life. Now STFU and waddle!

  16. Aeka

    LOL, love this!

    Terry Tate was the “star” of a series of commercials back in 2002-2003, most famously being in the Super Bowl, for Reebok. Terry Tate played an Office Linebacker, acting as an enforcer towards those who broke company behavior or otherwise behaved badly in the office. So, don’t refill the coffee if you take the last of it, don’t put a proper cover on a report, stay too long at the water cooler, and you’d have Terry Tate doing to the offender what linebackers do. And if you don’t know what a linebacker does, go you YouTube and look for videos of Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher.

  17. manos1234

    Just replace Terry Tate with Daxarri

  18. realitycheck

    actually it doesnt make much sense. what are most of the endgame bosses going to be using…FIRE. You think Deathwing or Ragnaros is gonna be scared of a fire mage HELL NO! They would thank you for turning up the temp cause it was a lil cold and then break you in half. We are fighting mostly dragons here people fire aint gonna do shit to them.

  19. Fatdrood

    HELL NO!!! IT’S F—ING FIRE!!! It burninates!

  20. realitycheck2

    @realitycheck….. ice melts..

  21. ushruslchul

  22. Muffinslam - New Fan

    I do not know this man you referenced to.
    but he is somehow my Idol.

  23. Metraton

    What patch was that? 4.1? 4.0.6? Now, show me a fire mage. -Naah, too complex rotation. -What? It’s only good for useless aoe. -Less damage than even frost. EVERY. SINGLE.MAGE. has respecced arcane for single target onebutton damage. So darn pathetic. And even frost – the GOD MODE spec in PvP has been buffed for single target damage. Even FROST deals more single target. Melee PvPs already gave up their rating. And classleaders asking “why are you fire?” Isnt …ehm….frost or arcane better for single target? Congratulations. You’ve reborn the ultimate noob brainless spec and buffed already pvp-oriented spec. Who needs to watch dots now? To time Combustion? To deal AoE?

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