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Okay, guys, listen. Okay, check this out. Guys. Guys. Listen. --snicker-- No seriously, guys, think about it. We take... guys, listen. We take... we take Kil'Jaedeen, and give him the legs of Nanny from The Muppet Babies!

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  1. Mr. Tastix

    This is pretty much why I prefer their weapon designers. Yeah, there’s some really weird-lookin’ ones here and there but in comparison to how armour sets and NPCs turn out, they’re pretty damn well-off.

    Should’ve kept Ragnaros as a Jinn (aka: djinn or genie), honestly.

    On a more related note: I’ll take the C’thun and VanCleef legs.

  2. Hawk

    C’thun legs are win 😀

  3. Swenka


    Cannot stand the way Ragnaros looks with their current model. Hope they change it.

  4. Chantâ

    Big Bird legs FTW

  5. Music-chan

    Are those smurf feet on the rock-worm? <3

  6. Airc

    The legs on Corborus (the rock worm) are from Wiggler, the catepillar from the Super Mario games.

  7. zreb

    asfsda hakkar with bare human feet!!!!

    no!!!! you don’t even know what you’ve done

  8. Alpha0727

    Ragnaros’ new model suggests that his fight will be very movement intensive. Blizzard will probably keep both models in-game, the original MC model and the new Firelands model.
    Here is my take as to why Ragnaros has this new model. When Ragnaros is summoned or moves over lava, he has his Djinn/Jinn/Genie model. When Ragnaros has to move over land, he transitions into his new Humaniod-like model.

  9. Daroonia

    Monty Python feet on Hakkar o/

  10. Elzam

    Ragnaros with legs looks like an Orc wearing a Ragnaros-suit…

  11. Sherloc

    People seem to forget that there is no actual confirmation as of yet that he even is Ragnaros. Could just be one of his offsprings

  12. Guest

    I dont see why people dont like Ragnaros’ new form, I personally like it, but it is only my opinion.

  13. Eschaton

    Maybe Ragnaros has legs this time because he wasn’t summoned “too soooooon!”.
    I think they look goofy, though I AM a big fan of the Big Bird legs on Yogg-Saron.

  14. zreb

    Realtalk: I like the model itself, but I feel he just looks really strange with legs. Maybe it will be better with the effects and stuff on it;

  15. Dan.

    Thanks, Daily Blink. Thanks.
    I saw this, I saw Big Yogg (it rhymes, and that concerns me), and now I have the Sesame Street theme song stuck in my head. It will be there all day. Now you have it in there too.

    Can you tell me how to get/
    How to get to the sleeping city of Ny’alotha….

  16. Isseit

    I’m about 80% certain it’s just Blizzard trolling dataminers, it’s far too jarring (and hilarious) to be real.

    Wiggler Gyreworm and Eggy Cthun are awesome though <3

  17. Mhord

    I dont really understand what the hell is wrong with the art department, and shoulderpads… WHY THE HELL ARE THEY HUGE… TO THE SIDES!?!?! This happened with tier 2 warrior set, my tauren looked like he was gonna go offbalance and fall to the sides… Same with the tier 5…. I was worried I poked my friends eyes with those stupid extra large blades… And don’t get me into weapons… Some are horribly done, they look like they throw a splatter of clay give it random slashes and cuts with a knife and there is it, you new 2H sword model…

    I disapprove this Rag model it looks like a whimp, not as imposing as the old djinn model…

  18. Duiof


    Well considering that neither Al’Akir nor Neptulon (who aren’t “summoned to soon”) dosent it sounds very strange that he would be all that different considering they are all four Elemental Lord’s.

    Its not that I have anything against various ponderings but the reasoning sounds wrong :3

  19. pants
  20. Altiuin

    Just about died when I saw VanCleef there.

    The problem with the Rag model is that it’s too top heavy. That’s why I don’t like it, at least…

  21. Kpitek

    Ahahha.. this is so true 😀
    I dont like raggy with his legs…makes him look dumb :(
    daily blink <3

  22. Leilanirane

    I hope they don’t keep Rag that way. Totally ruined his image, doesn’t look so scary now.

  23. Nolirion

    They only give Ragnaros leg’s to put him on Deathwing .
    And there you have Ragnaros on deathwing swing is huge mace “by fire be purged!!!!!”

  24. Bothenheim

    @Duiof: Erm, have you seen Therazane? She’s got legs. Sort-of.

  25. Raidmax

    Ragnaros just want to join the Ben 10 staff

  26. Shartun

    Featured in Patchnotes 4.1.11: All dungeon & raid bosses now have legs. If they already had legs, they got more legs.

  27. kat

    This one always kills me. “More legs.” Bahahahah!

  28. Metraton

    Alright. 10(at least) millions. Make petition. Ultimatum. Cataclysm’s last TierXX model will have Ragnaros graphics.

  29. Qqiliektoqq

    LOL. Corborus. <3

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