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In honor of Lemmy, we still run his Recount meter during raids. Then we kick him after the first boss when we see he's pulling 0 DPS. Jerk.

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    1. Chantâ

      EPIC SO SO EPIC, man this one is great.

    2. Laura

      These kinds of deaths are worth the walk back.

    3. Music-chan

      This is a true story, isn’t it? I bet it is. =p Not commenting on hunters or anything, but I can totally see someone being so excited for the running and shooting that they totally ran off a cliff.

    4. Linga

      Poor poor Kitty *sniffle*.

    5. The Risu
      The Risu


      A fiver says that it’s based off of a true IRL story. I initially read about it on, but the general gist was that some stupid teenager was drunk off of his butt and texting while walking, and either not paying attention or being that stupidly drunk, went over a three-foot-high railing off the top of a multi-story parking garage. The truly sad/stupid bit is that his grandma went on record saying that no, he was NOT drunk, and it’s the city’s fault for not having higher railings on the edges of buildings, or some other responsibility-evading nonsense. *Facepalm.*

      That, or this was just a really well-timed post and just happened to coincide with that incident. :-\

    6. Michael

      No, I did not base the idea for this strip on someone real really getting themselves maimed/killed. Not…even a little bit. It’s a wow webcomic.

    7. TaskWizard

      LOL i most like the comment that pops up when the pic is moused over :D

    8. Tucona

      literally EPIC

    9. Nico(The Sham)
      Nico(The Sham)

      lol killing critters as they walked, wow. So leet.

    10. Ostaralore

      SPOT ON!! thanks for giving this hunter the giggles…..

    11. skiff

      reminds me of when they changed disengage to the back jump. No one told my ass and i disengaged into a pool of water filled with elites T_T

    12. StrongBlade

      From this day forward, my hunter will be yelling “PEW PEW TWANG!” I lol’d til I cried. Truly Epic

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