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  1. a

    Well, it ain’t THAT bad..

  2. juneau

    garrosh is brown….

  3. Laylana

    These are the bad paint skills huh :<

  4. Marceno

    The articulation taken into account on each of their heads is superior to that of the Louvre’s many master pieces. The color mapping truly represents Garrosh and Thrall’s tension, and Garrosh’s self doubt for being a true Orc unlike his former warcheif. Very clever. The syntax of each others words was so finely tuned to represent an equal and yet opposite in power. I feel this upholds the values that Varian and Garrosh both share as leaders of their respective factions and people. Finally the words of the artist on the bottom are a true example of excellent use of irony. Where such a beautiful strip such as this needs an artist and is begged for in the common tongue of the viewer. The viewer feels as one with the artist on the same common ground and yet the main central of the art is on two powerful political leaders. Two birds with one stone and done so well. This is truly a master piece of the ages. And no signature…so modest.

  5. Chantâ

    I think stick ax and swords would be a nice touch thou.

  6. Swenka

    Well, it seems I was proven wrong. It IS that bad.

    If you need an MSPaint artist, I am the best in lower-eastern Iowa.

  7. Forestlord

    Wait, what? Thrall isn’t a true orc? or are you talking about Garrosh? pls clarify

    Note on alt text: you are forgiven

  8. Istovir

    Marceno… you are so full of win.

  9. Metraton

    Truth is always so simple. Bravo!

  10. DarkVeghetta

    Is it bad I find this -hilarious-? xD

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