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Because, of course, you're the only one having to do these things. I hear the Hunter just goes AFK and autoshots.

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  1. SlopDoggy

    *snort* I’ve done this…:P

  2. Zulmôn

    That is so TRUE!!!

  3. TaskWizard

    i demand gnome version of this strip 😀
    my mage needs this…. even though im sure he doesnt even hit number 4… in a 5man dungeon… while powerleveling lowbies…

  4. Music-chan

    Make it so, Number One!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  5. Dentrai

    Great, now I’ve got to go #1 thanks

  6. RPJ

    I feel your pain. Stupid bosses, chasing my big sword away.

  7. KJP

    It’s what I always tell myself.

  8. Leilanirane

    I’m always #1 on MY recount 😀

  9. Fattah

    This one is genius. I love it.

  10. nono

    CCing, interrupting, damage avoiding make you a good player

  11. Tëabag

    I lawl’d at this lawl lawl lawl

  12. Kaima

    Every time I walk in the local bookstore & see “I am Number Four” sitting on one of the tables (I don’t even know what the darn book’s about) I think of this strip. 😀

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