It started when I put this up in my cubicle at work.

I didn’t think it would get any active reaction at all. It’s a board game I’ve owned since I was 10 years old. I played it a handful of times with a few friends or a random session with my father and sister. But since then I’d just held onto it for reasons that I still don’t really know other than that it was a great memory and it was still entirely intact. It stayed in various closets or boxes in every place I’ve lived, not getting much attention but still staying in good shape. And finally, I had a use for it. It was going to earn me nerd cred at work.

One of the Quest Designers on my team, Justin, was the first to see it. He was kind of in shock. We had one of those “So *you’re* the other person on Earth that remembers (blank)” conversations that people in their 30’s have about various things; Things like “My Secret Identity” with Jerry O’Connell, Goosebumps books, or the Masters of the Universe film. We shared stories about playing through HeroQuest, trying to write our own missions, and how much sets go for on eBay now (about 200 unopened).

And that’s when Justin asked a loaded question. “That set doesn’t have all the pieces, does it?”

I opened up the rulebook and rattled off the contents list. Cards, figures, prop pieces, doors, combat dice… it was all there. Almost. The character sheet pad was long gone and the actual movement dice had long been used as replacements for dice in other games. But those were easily replaceable. We had a full HeroQuest set.

“Dude, we should play.”

And that was how it came to be that I started running a full HeroQuest campaign for my co-workers. And not even just a random one-shot, or a brand new set of missions. I’m running it all the way through. All 14 quests, exactly as they were written, cheesy text and all. Next week, I’ll start writing about the sessions and recapping some of the highlights. I didn’t take notes throughout the first quest because we were too busy relearning the game and I was too preoccupied laughing my head off from all the fun we were having.

Me trying to imitate the wizard on my GM Screen. Yes, this is a posed photo, don't judge.

If you’ve played HeroQuest or have a game that you would love to revisit from your childhood, drop it in the comments, share your stories.