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  1. Trixerius

    /Bows head in silent respect

  2. Zulmôn

    Japan is in our prayers

  3. TaskWizard

    you have japanese readers?
    😛 ill b sending some money.

  4. Swenka

    Completely understandable. Better than all the terrible Godzilla jokes some people are running. Seriously people?

  5. north


  6. Laylana

    This is the right way to go…poor japan, i am thinking about you :<

  7. Jennifer

    If you are going to donate, donate to the red cross. So many of the organizations collecting money these days spend 90 cents out of every dollar on themselves. The Red Cross has long been a very reliable collector of donations, and most of what you donate will go to those who need help.

  8. Deany

    When I saw the title of today’s Blink was “Japan,” I thought there was going to be a Deathwing joke…

    Thank you for not being ‘that guy.’

  9. Waffers

    Hey people. My home was destroyed in the tsunami. I’m touched that you wrote this for all of us that have suffered in the earthquake, especially in such a “strange?” location. Thank you.

  10. Sherman

    To all in Japan: Know that many prayers are going up for your safety and health every night.

  11. LeonW

    Actually, Jennifer, while that may be true. the Red Cross unfortunately do sit on much of the money for “reconstruction” for long periods, even given more urgent needs on the street. And they often fail to consider the local business community when they do rebuild.

    Donate to MSF, aka Doctors without Borders. And don’t restrict where they can use it.

  12. Carlos

    It’s truly a terrible thing whats going on in Japan and I only hope the best for them and that they can get as much help it can be given. It’s specialy shoking after that my country, Chile, last year where also hit by an earthquake similar in magnitude (8,8).
    I can only say that I know how terrible this is and hope the best for you guys
    (Sorry for the bad english, it is not my native language)

  13. Google Employee
    Google Employee

    On this page, you can donate straight to the Japanese Red Cross through Google Checkout (you’ll need a Yen converter). The page also has some other stuff that we’ve been putting together to keep you up to date and help you find people you know in Japan.

  14. Evan

    Tsk I already donated $100 to the American red cross, shoulda checked around more. I went onto the Japanese red cross site and it had something about a bank account in ginza for transfers…

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