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We now believe Mages to be completely balanced... with Deathwing. And other Mages. Speaking of which, Deathwing will now be known as Magey McDragonMage.

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  1. blarguna

    So I wonder, does polymorphing a death knight with an army, a gargoyle, and a ghoul-risen priest that’s mind-controlling a hunter that’s tamed a druid with treants out while having a pet warlock with a felguard and an infernal, all while simultaneously popping mirror images and the voodoo gnome trinket cause the universe to asplode? Also, this happens right as a shaman looks over, a paladin is counterspelled, the warrior is still shouting gnome-hate while suffering from frostbolt, the rogue is trying to fix his cpu, and mage armor is up.

  2. Gäbriel - warsong
    Gäbriel - warsong

    well it would be fair since i role an arcane mage, i would start barraging everyone btw

    but saying the truth the arcane spec was to weak, we realy needed all that buffs they are giving us

  3. Hazza91

    Gief fire buffs! Something along the lines of…

    “Molten Shields – Gives your Molten Armour a 50/100% chance to instantly melt the faces of melee attackers, turning their screen black and unable to see for 1 min.”

  4. Mephz

    It was hilarious! Great job! Specially with arcane misiles didn’t expect that one!!

  5. rangzona

    sadly this is how it is. it’s not as blatant as above but until wow gets rid of the idea that PVP and PVE should be classified to gather we are going to get this problem. PVP’ers are going to complain that “shamans are to powerful” then they are going to kill the ability for PVE shamans to fight so then we will complain and the rotation will to be continued and eventually we all leave wow.
    but i got to say is the PVP’ers/PVE’ers how dosent realize that thear will never be a dam balance no mater what blizz does one class will be beter you can say mages are to powerful but think of this a DK can one hit the bastards problem solved

  6. Kaima

    Is this in any way related to the thread on the Blizzard forums where the warrior was whining about a 55k crit from a “snowmage”?


  7. TaskWizard

    ok, seeing requests to buff fire, (no, not just from me) I have thought some more about it…

    1) that mage armor buff does boost fire. 2) Molten armor now gives you 60% bonus crit chance. (glyph it to be given a 100% crit chance) 3) Pyroblast! now only requires one critical strike to activate. 4) Flamestrike now has an AOE of about the side of the barrens (pre-cata of course) 5) hmmm, ill post more when i think of it :)

  8. ThatShark

    I see lots of people respeccing Prot-Warriors for Spell-reflect here…

  9. Geiela

    That’s the funniest WoW posting I’ve read in the 5+ years I’ve been playing, lol :)

  10. Tim

    ROFL this was HILARIOUS

  11. TaskWizard

    @ThatShark LOL smart person!

  12. kskryptonian

    To be honest, Frostbolt always used to proc Racism, so that’s a nerf.

  13. Forestlord

    I don’t understand the frostbolt=racism bit. It was still funny as hell though

  14. Ostaralore


  15. Muffinslam - New Fan

    This is one of the best ones you have made.
    *golf clap*

  16. Metraton

    Didnt you ask for it some pages ago?

  17. tootz

    at least arcane blast dont change

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