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This poster, and its imperfect kerning, made as a love letter to the angry nazi print designer that continues to flame our comments.

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  1. kebosangar

    Elijah Felwood, that is so corny I couldn’t stop laughing.

  2. Neuropox

    I love it! Do more movie posters!

  3. Jorma

    The front door of Illidan made this poster 50% better.

  4. Azek

    Perhaps next the Science of Sleep? A typical romantic comedy turned on it’s head by having one of the lovers incapacitated for the entire second act? Probably stretching it, I know.

  5. Azek

    Oh no wait! BE KIND, REWIND. A movie about bringing back old raids and making them new! Okay, I’ll stop now.

  6. Chantâ

    or Black Plainstrider the story of a dwarf following her dream.

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