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This was a poster suggested to us by Travis D, who wanted to show his guild. Here you go, Travis! Also: I could have picked a couple of WoW names out of a hat again, but screw it, Mike and I are in this one. Hollywood, here we come.

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  1. Oth

    What happened to Giant Dranei??

  2. Oth

    Hey, Whale Shark VS Ozumat: Battle for Vash’jir!

  3. Schrom

    Go Kodo!!!

  4. Skittlles

    Syfy still wins with sharktapus

  5. Broekan

    Do the redrigde bridge in the background, that would have been +1 awesomeness, bringing it up to 4 awesomenesses 😛

  6. Juspa

    do the next blink like Garrosh VS Deathwing: GET OFF MY SHIP!

  7. Sudhamayi

    At least it’s no Sharktopus…….

  8. DAn

    DAMN YOU SHARKTOPUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Travis D
    Travis D

    Thanks a ton. This really made my week!

  10. David Banner
    David Banner

    LOL awesome

  11. Eledryn

    I actually saw the movie this poster was based on. It’s terrible. Under no conditions should you watch it.

    Unless you’re a fan of B movies that is.

  12. Anonymous`

    For the love of god, please make this a wallpaper.

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