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Hunters have to be feeling awesome about Season 10. But there was no way I could give them the satisfaction of allowing them to crow in the strip. Into the alt text they go!

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  1. Neuropox

    Im surprised the hunters murloc head was not up here 😛

  2. Neuropox

    Er Borg head. Sorry wrong set 😛

  3. Seleria

    You know… when I saw the warrior set, I kind of thought it resembled the Black Knight from Monty Python…

  4. Music-chan

    I find Sam the Eagle to be strangely appropriate attire for paladins.

  5. Kendra

    Hunters get to look like a samurai but priest look like we picked our armor up in deepholm.White and gold again woo -_-

  6. SlopDoggy

    I can’t wait for Priest. Bowls on shoulders ftw. 😛

  7. Chantâ

    love the mage and the crystal part.

  8. Hana

    I find it funny that the paladin comments on it having socially redeeming value. Cuz it’s not pink?

  9. TaskWizard

    Dude! as a mage, that was almost my exact reaction! although mine was more along the lines of “I pray to Ghostcrawler that they switch mage armor design with another class”

  10. Moyotoshi

    Honestly, I really dislike the S10 hunter helm. The S9 helm looks much better and I wish they’d stuck with the actual eyepatch motif instead of going LOL SKELETOR.

  11. Rassmataz

    Don’t complain about crystals – the rogues have to look like I Dream of Genie.

  12. Sudhamayi

    I read that in Sam’s voice, anyone else did that?

  13. Devinedragoon

    Neuropox the murloc is t11 not season and the Season 10 hunterset looks sweet imho but that’s me.

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