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Why is there no level 3? BECAUSE THREE IS FOR NOOBS!

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  1. Shininjin

    Only 270 ability links?
    I used 270 on my first day of “anal” fun.

  2. Trey318

    It’s over 9000!!!

  3. Azek

    Trolls have no regrets. Except maybe Zul’Jin.

  4. Shevron

    You forgot the [Dirge] spam there!

  5. Zulmôn

    I use this product

  6. Vmaster

    4chan obnoxiousness level? ROFL

  7. Neuropox

    we must not forget:

    “Naga stole my [arcanite reaper]”
    or a favorite on my server:
    “Do heals crit?”

  8. Forestlord

    lol at the disclaimer

  9. animesekai

    fake, 4 chan isn’t at the end. cuz they’re over 9000 for sure

  10. Red-Rock-Run

    Did somebody say [Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?]

  11. Chris
    Chris Hanel

    OH HAI I COULDN’T HELP BUT NOTICE YUR TALKIN BOUT [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]

  12. Forlyn

    “Why is there no level 3? BECAUSE THREE IS FOR NOOBS!” lol

  13. Crestllinger

    Needs the murloc-movie jokes. Those are hilarious

  14. John

    Saving Private Murloc
    Lord of the Murlocs
    The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill And Came Down A Murloc
    Clear And Present Murloc
    Indiana Murloc and the last Murloc
    The Road Murloc
    Back To The Murloc
    The Murloc of the Christ
    Short Murloc
    Star Trek Murloc, the Murloc Home
    Return of the Murloc
    10 Murlocs I Hate About You
    The Dark Murloc
    The Great Murloc Caper
    20,000 Murlocs Under The Sea

  15. TaskWizard

    Harry Murloc and the Goblet of Fire
    also, need to throw in —
    Tranformers: Revenge of the Druids

  16. TaskWizard

    wait wait! “goblin of fire” would be better! 😛 lolz

  17. Nostalgio

    Generic Troll Comment Here

    Oh, and, How I met your Murloc

  18. Chambertin

    The buy one, get one reminds me of “Toy Shop Shop” from little britian. LoL

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