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There are rumors that in the next expansion, the faces and animals on your shoulder pieces will have armor slots of their own, and will be very vocal about complaining when you don't gem them correctly.

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  1. Kendra

    haha next we will have to add on the e-piano then the e-toms to drown out the e-iano when it gets to annoying.

  2. Tarkheena

    Lol…you know that eventually, we won’t be able to pan our screen back far enough to see over the Tanks and we won’t see the bosses…or is that why the bosses in Cataclysm are so much larger than life…hmm…I sense a conspiracy lurking here…

  3. Mercadi

    /agree with the article
    Makes me wonder if the armor style will ever changed. Cloth hasn’t been looking like cloth since somewhere in BC.

  4. aaaaa

    thats e-peen!

  5. Alminair

    This just needs a followup history piece about troll history. They already must have gone through this phase in the past, which is why they are hunched over 😛

  6. Grainog

    I’m going to make a gnome, by the year of 2013 I get 2 taurens for free :D!!! (be it as shoulderpads)

  7. Sherman

    I lul’d very hard.

    BTW, any chance you could do something on Pebble-that adorably cute little earth elemental in Deepholm?

  8. onetime

    this is the problems for the male characters, for the female characters its either smaller or the same size

  9. aaaaa

    Wait, you are not going to put pebble in your shoulder, dont you? Pebble is maybe the heaviest pet on earth, literary. It eats lots of earth and look at his level and hit points!
    But seriously I hate pebble, its daily is just so annoying rare.

  10. Ostaralore

    Well, I’ve heard that size matters……

  11. magicbjorn

    Wouldn’t the shoulders be big enough to hold a self-sufficient powersource :x?

  12. Jesse Dziedzic
    Jesse Dziedzic

    That was very illuminating blog post..

  13. dentist everett

    Some illuminating blog…

  14. Chambertin

    Yeah its pretty crazy when you make the jump from vanailla gear to 80+ stuff. The one hand daggers are bigger than the two hand maces. Compare the players you level up with wearing general quest sholders to the ones who got the blue bag or new quest loot, its skyshattering.

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