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The guys on the EJ forums keep insisting that I should be spamming Soothing Punch in order to get Raging Balm to proc, but I just don't see the benefits. Intimidating Shot has the same results with half the cast time.

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  1. Martin

    Awesome, i’m rolling Warrior now ^^

  2. Rondy

    Love it!

  3. wackydeath

    lmao this is so like a friend o know

  4. NecroMac

    Just Great! XD

  5. Joshua S Hill
    Joshua S Hill

    I have such a hard time understanding when you’re making a comic based on news I just haven’t heard, or whether you’ve made something up on your own.

  6. Twinkles

    Ha ha this reminds me of the periodicals. you should do one for each race :D!

  7. PredatorGr

    HealingStorm on next patch comming up 😛

  8. Orchid

    This is sooooo pro!

  9. raptorx

    lol as a warrior id love this spec! with the inclusion of “beat them to death then continue to beat them till they rezz ” you cant lose lol good poop right here 😀

  10. kskryptonian

    However if you use it in raid, you will be kicked because you aren’t tanking and what the heck else is a Warrior good for? – he said sarcastically.

  11. Randomreaderdude

    Maybe raids will let me roll on pally plate now!!

  12. Karl Gallagher

    You forgot “Walk It Off!”, the Battle Rez.

  13. Arkay

    FINALLY. Been waiting for this spec since Vanilla. Switching my deeps to triage, stat!

  14. Tehcrash

    I play a warrior and I approve of this concept.

  15. HealsRus

    I object to the requirement for “Oh You Call That A Wound…” It’s not usually the casters that are the problem, it’s those myopic melee who refuse to shift two inches away from the boss to avoid aoe.

    <—Constantly has to tell rogue husband to move his stupid ass or die.

    And you know Life Leap would be blocked by LOS every time 😉

  16. Kerf

    That staff in his hand is the Caduceus. What you’re looking for is the rod of Asclepius, which only has 1 snake and no wings. The caduceus is associated with commerce, not healing.

  17. Akiya warrior
    Akiya warrior

    This might be the best one yet. As a warrior, I always wanted a bandage spec. :)

  18. Forestlord

    Titan’s surgical scalpel lol

  19. Twinkles

    @ kerf really? kaiser uses the casuceus, and aint Hermes like god of medicine? or is that apolo ?

  20. AressFenus

    @ Twinkles: The staff is a representation of both medicine and commerce in North America only. In other countries, they do use the rod of Asclepius for medicine. Norther Americans mistakenly use the Caduceus for medicine, but it’s main focus is commerce.

  21. Jorrahn

    I have been saying that for years… I want a rez skill called “Furious Resuscitation”. It uses the heroic leap look and you land on their chest to revive them.

  22. omer

    i had that idea once 😮

    i also had “shout of accelerated regeneration” which was a HoT

  23. Kerf

    @ Twinkle: What do you mean by “kaiser uses the caduceus”? Apollo might be associated with healing and medicine, but he is not represented with a caduceus as far as I know; the god of medicine is Asclepius – well, more like mortal and later considered god (not one of the main gods though.

  24. Dismantelado

    As someone said, the simbol on the Surgical Scapel is not the medicine simbol, but the comerce simbol.

    The real medicine simbol is a rod with a single snake and no wings.

  25. Cerael

    Warriors already hit like trucks. Now they’ll be able to heal like trucks, too!

  26. Tony

    This orc is Dr House

  27. Gromff

    is…is that me again? O.o

  28. TaskWizard

    while i have no doubt that the Daily Blink meant to use the rod of Asclepius, I actualy think it fits in well with this strip for the warrior to be using the wrong staff 😀

  29. Quadzero

    The Caduceus CAN be used to represent healing. If you don’t beleve me, go read it on wikipedia. The United States Navy Hospital Corps uses the caduceus symbol.

  30. Benemus

    So, only in America does the Caduceus represent both commerce AND healing.

    …huh. Oddly appropriate.

  31. Diriana

    Taken from wiki: “The caduceus is sometimes mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine and/or medical practice, especially in North America, because of widespread confusion with the traditional medical symbol, the rod of Asclepius, which has only a single snake and no wings.”

  32. Gorbin

    Lucky! 😀 I did just lvl my warr 😉

  33. Omer

    i read in wikipedia that the us used that symbol by -mistake- in 1902 and they simply never corrected it

  34. Baenhoof

    I think this is my favourite one -yet.-
    Now I can yell at my limp-wristed priest healers to shut up while I show ’em how its done.

  35. Ostaralore

    YES- FINALLY !!!!!

  36. Tenthyr

    “Don’t ask, just roll with it.” the motto of everyone with groups with a warrior evah.

    Seriously, they can do some freaky shit. =P

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