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I imagine any healer submitting a competent score would be beset upon like a girl on listing Star Wars as one of their interests.

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  1. HSP

    Lol on the GM’s GF, been there done that, not plesant i can tell you

  2. Leilanirane

    “DKP bonus for the ability to do a pitch-perfect Terry Jones woman voice” LOL!!! Where is that guild?!?

  3. Meim

    So much Win!!

  4. Phil Kahn

    In my guild, I got similar bonuses for my flawless Shaggy and Scooby.

  5. Redhawks

    “Special” RP. I’m sure someone would click that. Very funny.

  6. Mercadi

    I’ve been to a guild where a GM’s GF was present (later she became his wife).
    And believe it or not, but she was a top notch tank (speaking of US 200 guild). No one was disappointed :)

  7. Zankkou

    NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition !!

  8. Akiya warrior
    Akiya warrior


    There was a long term Horde guild on my server called “It burns when I PVP”; also, there was a “We pee in moonwells” guild.

    I would be a “special” RP 😛

  9. Herbsmoker

    Well. I remember how my friend’s RP rogues guild “Sapped girls cant say NO” consume another RP rogues guild “You cant see me Im naked” in 2007. I think they were a true “special RP guild”.

  10. TaurenRogue

    Special RP all the way!

  11. Faceless Minion
    Faceless Minion

    Bwhaha “Special” RP indeed.

  12. Lahis

    It’s still better than the Blizzard’s current one.

    And I mean that seriously…

  13. Blackriver

    Because figuring out who caused a wipe so they can learn from it, and yelling at people who stand/don’t stand in places they shouldn’t/should be, is bad. Riiight.

  14. Aliok

    “Special” RP. Goldshire edition? 😉

  15. Shhh

    !! I want to join a “special” Rp guild 8D

  16. Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    I thought this was real until I saw the Daily Blink. This is awesome.

  17. Linknl

    wtf is special RP? i know normal RP is special RP the place where we get really sucked into WoW and we realy have 2 play our char?

  18. Josiah Bartholomew Zachariah
    Josiah Bartholomew Zachariah

    Linknl… I’ll tell you when you’re older.

  19. Kolz

    ^ Not sure if you’re kidding, but he means RPing getting it on

  20. Ryukai

    @Akiya warrior

    Your from Saufang EU aint you 😀

    That or we have Matching Guilds on our servers xD

  21. holybelf

    Yeah the gm gf thing is amazing. Been there and done that a million times over.

  22. George

    I’d love to see what the sliders and check boxes are for the other guild types. Especially for “Special” RP.

  23. Mew

    Um, I am GM’s GF. ._.

  24. Jamaris

    FINALLY! A zerg guild! I’m tired of all this raiding and PVP, I just want to propagate my species across the universe! For the Swarm!

  25. Joey

    Bahahaha, GM’s girlfriend is the same class as me… been there!! Also, I laughed at the 20 minutes spent on blame and scorn…been there too 😛

  26. zelta

    Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!

  27. Jezuhbell

    Nothing worse than being the “other” girl in the guild with the GM’s GF. Doesn’t she always play a priest healer? XD

  28. Uriah

    Very nice!

  29. Skum

    Er… My GF plays in my guild and its not a problem

    I dont get why it should be. as long as the GM is not a tit and treats EVERYONE as equals

  30. Dead

    So Skum, say you want to replace her with a better player… nuff said

  31. anoonoo

    owned imo ^^

  32. Taijavu

    Gm’s GF involved in anything… Raid group and guild killer!

  33. Rotstealth

    ^^ Taijavu, I would normally agree, but we have 3 girls in our raid, one being the GM’s GF, we dont have any problems with blame/loot, maybe we are a special case

  34. Mordin

    Should be “GM’s SO is in the raid group,” imo. Keep the funny, lose the girlssucklawl.

    But! Very well put together, made me laugh. I think every server has a guild called It Burns When I PvP, sadly.

  35. Chris
    Chris Hanel

    True, can’t argue with that. Just being inspired by personal experience. :)

  36. Rasmus

    GM’s gf is the same class as me, and it sucks.=(

  37. Telvir

    The problem with the GM’s GF is that IF she sucks, your screwed, no replacing her with a better player, and your guaranteed to not have a pleasant raiding experience. Hence the joke.

  38. Zmandacorrupt

    Been in a guid with the “GM’s gf problem”, what made it worse is that she was an officer too, and so was her brother, we had 5 officers and it was a “democracy” in which they always had the majority of votes, fun.

    Also, she screwed up Immortality two weeks in a row on Gluth by doing “Judgement of Blood”, screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me…

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