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I paint such a sad picture in my mind. A bunch of fun-loving orcs hopping in the convertible to go get some In & Out, one turning to the others and saying, 'Thrall isn't picking up,' and another saying 'Don't worry about it, I'm sure he's keeping busy with something epic.' Cut to Thrall, shivering in the rain while his raised arm muscle spasms and he sniffles through verse two of his song. God, I'm such a downer. And since you asked, I see 80's John Cusack as Thrall.

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  1. NecroMac

    OMG it’s soo good :D,
    poor Thrall.

  2. xylotism

    Great one, as always.

    I know all these pink-dress maelstrom shenanigans are going to make for one hell of a comeback.

  3. Sokolas

    I feel so sorry for him, never realized how lonely he is.

  4. Deana

    Well…this is a bit better than standing among the poo in Nagrand….’cept of course for the rain in his eyes. Great one, guys.

  5. Dracnia

    I see Thrall as an 80’s John Cusack now, Thanks LOL. That was awesome.

  6. Arkay

    :( This made me sad.

  7. Thereone

    Correct me if I’m wrong – isn’t the spell he’s casting basically holding up the world pillar? The world pillar that we rebuild as the questing conclusion in Deepholm? If so, he should be done for each character once they finish that zone. DAMNIT PEOPLE STOP QUESTING IN DEEPHOLM! Give the poor guy a break!

  8. Valenhil

    *Sigh* I miss Cairne too.

  9. AressFenus

    At least he gets a temporary phase into a cage for the Goblin starting area…

  10. Crestllinger

    This is what happens when your beard goes grey, blizz puts you into a timeloop.

  11. Muffinslam - New Fan

    wow, it looks like you really relate to thrall.. the way you wrote it.
    I’m touched. ill visit him more and just /cheer around him.

  12. Alpha0727

    If I could, I would pick up some In N Out Burger for Thrall! It is not even that far. It is just right down the street

  13. Leilanirane

    Poor Thrall! For a Horde he’s one kick ass Shaman

  14. Squeekers

    Bahaha awww <3 Thrall

  15. Kendra

    Aw i <3 80's john cusack.Next one thrall needs a gf whom he holds a boombox up to.

  16. Grish

    I was looking for a “FOREVER ALONE” face. =(

  17. Tuck

    I miss Cairne too.

  18. Quinn

    Thrall – Forever alone, in 4.0 and beyond.

  19. Nomcookie

    I’ve heard rumours that 4.2 will end Thrall’s plight 😀

  20. Brooks

    I love Thrall. I’ve always loved Thrall. I was devastated when they replaced him with Garrosh, but I realize Thrall has a much greater calling in the world of Azeroth – plus, we don’t have to kill him anymore in order to do For The Alliance. Now, us Alliance fans of Thrall no longer have to hide in secret. We can come out of the closet and declare our admiration of this great leader. I just wish he and Jaina had gotten it on… but Aggra’s cool, too.

  21. Agnorae

    Thrall needs a companion… Someone bring a named volley ball to him…

    could be.. lets say.. WILSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON…

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