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Fire mages will find themselves slowly becoming part of the floor, having their individuality gradually subsumbed by the terrible floor hive mind.

Jubilant developers announced that with the development of the new Firelands raid zone, they had discovered a new methodology of raid design to bring forth their most difficult floor ever, with the “safe area to complete immolation ratio” clocking in at a staggering 1 part per million.
“It’s called the Firelands, so it only made sense that the flore was more terrifying and dangerous than the actual bosses,” a source inside Blizzard said. “In fact, in Heroic mode, Anthrycist just leaves the area and lets you fight the floor. We’ve got void zones, made of fire, on TOP of fire, that explode if you move. With fire.”
When pressed further, the anonymous developer continued to ramble excitedly. “No, I don’t think you understand. Imagine Ragnaros, only he’s weilding *himself* circa version 1.6. That’s how much fire we’re talking about! YOU HAVE TO STAND IN BAD SHIT!”
When pressed for a loot table for the new encounters, the only response given was, “Looting will explode all nearby party members. The loot will also be on fire.”
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  1. Trey318

    Fire itself is so much win, so this is like win squared…

  2. Tuck

    I’m guessing the prices on Glacial Bags will skyrocket as Players discover their inability to hold On-Fire loot in the normal bag.

  3. Manadar

    That developer should be _fired_ for leaking this information.

  4. Nivella

    I think that grinding out frozen orbs will be really important for the firelands. We’re gunna need some powerful ammo to combat the floor.

    Also, Healing rain will become required and probably OP.

  5. lacke

    I’d say Ring of Valor is worse but that’s just me. 😛

  6. Twinkles

    omg, most epic hover text ever

  7. TaskWizard

    awww dang it… im fire mage…. although ive never liked having to think individually anyways..
    lol love the “loot will explode”

  8. TaskWizard

    Blizzard has announced early this morning that, following the widespread disappointment after introducing the first “hero class” in WOTLK, the developers have decided to scrap that plan in favor of introducing the new “GOD OF PVP” Class. The first of these classes will be the “Frost Mage.” Blizzard has slowly been moving toward this change in Cataclysm patches, and so far players seem to be responding exactly as developers say they were intending.
    A Blizzard employee, when asked to comment about the new class replied “One of our largest problems in the previous couple patches has been making sure that all of our 10 classes with 3 specs each are all even in both pvp AND pve. During one of our weekly lore development meeting (where we all sniff the sacred “glue of inspiration”) we came up with the brilliant idea of LETTING it be unbalanced. So we all voted on our favorite class, and got to work. To even the field we introduced the Firelands, where, in pve, the frostmage will be refered to as the “SteamMage” and be substantially less useful.”

  9. Zeroguard

    A recent news flash from the Blizzard development team, Ragnaros will now set you on fire once you on fire making it so that when you get set on fire Ragnaros sets you on fire once more setting you on fire twice and since you are set on fire twice you will be set on fire X4 and so on and so on until you are on fire so much the fire burns the fire off of you. Or you are incinerated.

  10. Schitso

    at least this will give my throat a break from screaming at people to stop standing in the “bad shit”

  11. Crestllinger

    *Readies asbestos and marsmellows

    *Throws a few goblins ahead of him to use up all the oxygen in the subsequent explosions

  12. Forestlord

    floor hive mind lol

  13. Gretchn

    So, should we stand in it?

  14. Haggi

    as a DK i have LONG felt that path of frost should turn lava into fecking rock.

    it just makes sense.

  15. Hallowspite

    @Manadar Oooh, burn!

  16. Melfina the Blue

    Did Blizz really need to learn from the deadly elevator boss in Blackrock? Oh god, the floor’s going to kill more of my guildies than all the other bosses combined.

  17. DarkVeghetta

    Note to self: Keep Ice Barrier up AT ALL TIMES when in Firelands, lest the floor-mind take me.

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