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It's in your head now, isn't it? You can hear the theme permeate your soul! GO NOW! TO YOUTUBE! AND WATCH FOR HOURS ON END UNABLE TO LOOK AWAY, AS WE DID! *cough* I mean, uh... no, I was mumbling during that last part.

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  1. Crestllinger

    And he who was First expresses agreement and wishes good luck on many loots.

  2. Shirohibiki

    YES, MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC. YES. I love you guys forever. This is the best. <333 Such a great show!

  3. Random Internet Person #1324135
    Random Internet Person #1324135


  4. FriendshipRules


    seriously, i actually have watched all 23 episodes released so far…

  5. yesimad

    For. Fucks. Sake. Not you guys too. I stopped browsing 4chan for that sole reason. I. FUCKING. HATE. MLP. ._.

  6. Tuck

    I cleared an entire instance just so you could take a picture and this is what you show for it???

    mmm ponies..

  7. Haggi

    to my great surprise i didn’t play much more than an hour and change the day 4.1 dropped.

    i did however manage to crash a running of the bulls in mulgore while pvp-flagged.

    lucky for me, they were alts and not a one above about 65. downside for me: they charged.

    delicious slaughter.

  8. To

    For Pony!!

  9. Music-chan

    See, whenever I see My Little Pony stuff, I think of the old theme back from when I was a kid. I don’t even know if they changed it.

  10. someone

    “seriously, i actually have watched all 23 episodes released so far…”

    … u-hmm….. what about the episodes from the 80s?

  11. Bronie

    I understand you completely. The sight of ponies between all the dicks and gore is unbearable.

  12. Acedis

    “… u-hmm….. what about the episodes from the 80s?”

    Well that’s the thing, those (generation 1 through 3) are entirely different shows. Bad shows. Really horrible 20-minute toy commercials which wouldn’t appeal to anyone older than 5 unless this person either just likes it from overwhelming nostalgia, or lacks a quality control center in the brain.

    And yes, I’m saying this as a MLPFIM fan.

  13. nileroan

    Woot. This made me like The Daily Blink more than ever before. Hover Text speaks truth.

  14. Metraton

    God damn it. You have damaged my mind, for I have actually youtubed this shit. How can people even make it? As for the comment – I was also busy at the first day of 4.1….FIVE hours at Jin’do. F.I.V.E.-_< In different groups. When guild ragequitted. And then I cleared Zul'Aman and agreed that ZA is bullshit. Now my opinion changed. ZG is so full of opportinities. And bosses are so piss-easy. Soloing first boss. 2nd is stand and hit shit. Survived Kilnara with 4 waves of cats in P2. Doing most damage on Zanzil due to Zanzil Fire Dark Simulacrum. And Jin'do is too used to by everyone. You can clean it in a few mins skipping everything and using cauldrons. Or you can invest time into trademat-minibosses. As for ZA….EVERY SINGLE RUN is either a timed attempt with lots of annoying trash. Or a noob party who doesnt know how to heal Akilzon, rotate Surges on Nalorakk, not stand in fire on Janalai(The only possible mistake. Yes, I have survived both cases: killing ALL hatchers (2 full waves at 35%) and killing NO hatchers – continuous 2 side spawn) or obviously, "many whelps"(quote) on Dakaara. So I will hate ZA until I get my bear….

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