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...and don't even THINK of trying to clear the heroic using the Thunderfury-9000. Your account will be banned before you can say 'anal' 300 to 400 times fast.

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  1. Chan Kaylore
    Chan Kaylore

    Oh snap, I laughed my ass off. Nicely done, guys.

  2. Foxfire

    That picture is best canadian pharmacy for cialis so supremely awesome. It needs to be desktop background material size.

  3. Snikeren

    Oh, the sweet, order generic viagra softtabs sweet ideas you come up with…

  4. Yngvarr

    Purely awesome. I’d even return to WoW after this Epic comes to life! cialis usa :)

  5. Fro

    Ii still haven’t found Mankirk’s wife

  6. Amaxe

    I’m beginning to wonder if Barrens Chat is a secret plot of the Old Gods…

  7. Orlaih

    Oh please turn this image into a wallpaper! =D

  8. Mercadi

    That picture is awesome. A Chuck Norris with two thunderfurys xD

  9. David DeLaney
    David DeLaney

    Heh. Any of you who haven’t gone to and read through “You Awaken In Razor Hill”? This cartoon has so many ties to mail order viagra that… Go, go, read! I’ll wait.


  10. Pablo

    The old gods are under the Barrens, driving players mad with insane ramblings of an impossible man. Players that even hear the feats of this “man” will never forget and the madness will spread…

  11. chris

    both thunderfury’s droped for him as he entered MC fully crafted

  12. Schitso

    liek OMG!!!1 Did someone say [thunderfury, blessed blade of the windseeker] :D liek OMG!1!!1!11!!11!!11!!1

    sorry i had to… and that was an awesome little news clippet

  13. Anon

    Joining the “wallpaper please” club

  14. TaskWizard

    I think imma just crop the picture out of this paper and put it as my background LOL

  15. Tenthyr


  16. Muffinslam - New Fan

    In Soviet Russia, Barrens chat is still fucking annoying and will get you addicted to Soviet Russia / Chuck Norris jokes.
    no, Really.

  17. Metraton


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