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Oh yeah? Well, I hate your chinhawk.

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  1. Tom Brady

    Hold on there Darnell, Tom Brady’s gonna rez you

  2. Azek

    Is the Legendary studio a contested zone?

  3. Twinkles

    Lol’ed the at the alt text.

  4. manos1234

    multiple CC options and an array of burst damge abilities … lol that was funny

  5. Ostaralore

    he tried that’s fo sho.- stoopid rogue.

  6. John

    Man, the constant and continued nerfing of rogues makes me glad I’m spending a year without WoW access in Afghanistan.

    There were some good times back in the day, but now? Man…

  7. Muffinslam - New Fan

    How can you hate his chinhawk?! >=[
    and still, LOL!

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