Last night was an absolute blast. Thanks to Gary, Mike, and Josh for allowing me to play in their sandbox for the evening and goof off on Legendary. Much fun was had, and if you wish to watch the full episode, you can do so now on Gamebreaker.TV.

As for today’s strip, obviously it’s related to the show, but Gary put out a call for a caption contest and I just couldn’t resist to play along. Check out their forums if you want to get in on the action.

As for the announcement that I promised on Twitter, I made it at the end of the show: The Daily Blink will now be producing content for PC Gamer Magazine! We’re making our premiere in the upcoming issue, which should be on newsstands April 28th. This is stuff we’re making just for the mag, stuff you can’t find on our website. If you’re a subscriber, I’m told it will be showing up a lot sooner than that in your mailbox, keep an eye out!

Finally, our Twitter feed increased in follower account by 33% thanks to Gary’s constant insistence for everyone to sign up during the after-party (at one point insisting that we wouldn’t start until we got the count about 1250). We’ll be sure to make it worth the while of all those new people. I have it on authority that Mike is going to be co-piloting the feed with me from now on. Hopefully, he will address his faithful subjects as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for more news!