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The guild achievements for earning exalted reputation with factions (Ambassador, Diplomacy, and United Nations) have been fixed to now correctly count cumulative guild members with exalted factions. Previously, these achievements would only count exalted factions on one guild member.

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  1. Azek

    Oh man these are funny. I bet people would flip out if Blizz actually made these changes.

  2. Kades

    Because these are… fake? lawl

  3. TaskWizard

    HAHA thats awsome man! best one yet! even better then the warrior magazine cover! pure genius.

  4. Canukistani

    wasn’t this posted on mmo-champ a few days ago?

  5. Oth

    I see what you did there. But apparently i’m the only one.

  6. Jennifer

    Happy April Fools Day!

  7. Derp

    lol not too hard to figure out. good stuff.

  8. Smor

    Wow i tired so hard to figure out what was different about these until Jennifer said the comment about April Fools Day.

  9. Queldan

    Now THAT is some serious April’s Fool metagaming.

    My hat’s off to you!

  10. TaskWizard

    waaaayyy to ruin it for everyone Jennifer! lolz jkjk, & Oth, I got it, and i hav the strangest feeling that Azek did to.

  11. Bubblebuster

    Um…hate to break it to ya guys…those are all real. Take a look at the current 4.1 Patch Notes. I know we were expecting an April Fools Panel…but the joke is kinda on all of you who think this is a joke. And these changes were added well prior to Apr.1

  12. Hurrrr

    So lost, it’s ridiculous. Wtb someone spelling it out?

  13. Kerschdje

    Best april fools ever!

  14. Etta

    Very nice.

  15. fluxdada

    Bravo my good chap. Pip pip cheerio and all that!

  16. oom

    well what awesome is that it wouldnt be hard to believe

  17. Linknl

    Was reading..looking for the fun part

    But there wasn’t a fun i geused

    Happy April’s fool day everyone

  18. Tehcrash
    Tehcrash > dungeons and raids > All dungeon & raid bosses now have legs. If they already had legs, they got more legs.

  19. Sumadin

    As Tehcrash said they tottally stole your joke.

  20. Redhawks

    I was thinking of a April Fool’s Day joke you could pull on everybody and this is exactly what came to mind. ROFLMAO

  21. Abronkhar

    “All dungeon & raid bosses now have legs. If they already had legs, they got more legs.”
    Seems that Blizzard-or at least Boubouille- is stealing your joke.

  22. Music-chan

    I see what you did there!

  23. Twinkles

    Ha ha ur tricking us bubble 😀

  24. Nivix

    still can’t get it >.<

  25. Josa

    So simple, yet so brilliant.

  26. animesekai

    lol nice… it took a second to get the joke, but it hit me

  27. Problematic

    Lol, win!

  28. LehkiBug

    I read this twice trying to find the funny before it hit me. Well played. xD

  29. Fantasy Reader
    Fantasy Reader

    I love it!

    Very meta! Although it still doesn’t beat Crabby. :)

    Hint for the folks who don’t get it: The Daily Blink is doing the opposite of what they normally do. They normally parody… so, this is…

  30. Shammah

    Maybe in the settlement for them stealing your joke, you could sue to finally have your “Heartbreak of Rejection” ( fan art displayed on their site.

  31. fran

    i still dont get it! O.O plz someone explain to this noob whats funny bout this!

  32. TaskWizard

    @ Fran, This was posted on April Fool’s Day, and, as Fantasy Reader stated above, this is not funny at all, but they tricked you into reading an entire patch note list trying to find a joke. That is the joke. :) lolz

  33. emorelix

    no rogue nerfs WOOT lol

  34. CJTheInvader

    Damn right you dont make any rogue nerfs. “Looks at a entire page of rogue nerfs on next page” DAMNIT

    Rogues are perfectly balanced. “Oneshot’s all non believers”

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