April Fool’s Stuff

You don’t know how close I came to redoing the entire website like we’d switched over to Rift. I have to admit: I am not an April Fool’s Day fan. There will be 25 obvious jokes that are cute, and one cruel one that I fall for Every. Single. Year. This year was no different. And when it comes to being the one *making* the joke, I just don’t have it in me to keep a straight face and attempt to sell a gag that everyone can either see coming from a mile away, or be upset because we had to get extremely devious in order to sneak it past you.

And so, we came to Friday’s strip. Simple, elegant, and as is always my style, extremely meta. Definitely one for the more regular readers. I’m trying to imagine people coming to the site for the first time being really confused. :)

Speaking of patch notes, though, did you see Blizzard’s 4.1.11 notes? A couple people in the comments on our AFD strip pointed out one of their notes was simply, “All dungeon & raid bosses now have legs. If they already had legs, they got more legs.” Thanks to Tehcrash and Abronkhar for the heads up, as I completely missed it the first time through. As I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter, we immediately contacted our immense legal team to make important decisions about what actions we would take to protect our schtick.

Big Announcement on Legendary


Also — great news on the “Hey, who the hell is *that* guy” front — I’ll be a guest on Legendary, the World of Warcraft show produced by Gamebreaker.TV, this Tuesday night at 9PM PST! It’ll be on video and everything! Please come out and show some Daily Blink love. I also promise that I’ll be announcing some big news on the homefront and the future of the strip. Nothing earth shattering, but something we’re geeking out about just the same. If you wanna find out, tune into Legendary on Tuesday! (If I can haul enough people along, maybe they’ll invite me back and I’ll be able to haul Mike along too.)

Blizzcon Plans

Finally, a vague little note for those interested: The current plan is for Mike and I to be attending Blizzcon, though in what capacity, we have no friggin’ clue. Keep an eye peeled as we get closer, we’ll have to start organizing sooner or later or risk missing the boat. If anything, we’ll send out an address for a nearby bar and have everyone get together for an impromptu meet n’ greet.

That is all for now. If you’re reading this, you rock, even just because you made it to the bottom of this blog post.