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  1. John

    Only because it’s true >.>

    Rogues are the least played class at 85, tied with Warlocks who are in the exact same boat. You can be good at it with years of experience and it’s not easymode, but those of us that put in the dedication to become good at both pvp and raiding dps make it look easy so we keep getting nerfed.

    Still there’s a certain kind of pride in being really good through hard work instead of getting everything handed to you (*cough* PALLIES).

    tldr; bitchbitchbitch rogue tears

  2. Deana

    So true. lol thanks for the /laugh and /cry

  3. Swenka

    Don’t play anymore, but that’s exactly what people see on the official forums.

  4. Ostaralore

    sad strange little men…..

  5. Fro

    so so true love it best one by far

  6. Gmrgod

    Best 1 yet !

  7. Savo

    HAHAHA so funny and unfortunately so true!

    I am not a subscriber for quite a while now.

  8. Spine

    so true…. this is my new favorite as well.

  9. Dante

    If by having everything handed to us, you mean getting our easily-bypassed defenses reduced every patch, and by “nerfed” you mean Recuperate buffs so you can live through anyone who somehow survives your minute of cooldown-fueled Find Weakness spam.

    Rogues are so cute when they act all underprivileged.

  10. Tuck

    Everybody knows there’s a conspiracy against Rogues, okay? I’d like you to exempt Rogues from this particular strip or else face our wrath…. some day in the future when we can kill mages again!!!

  11. Canni

    ^^ I remember back in the day, where a: sitting Mage + 1ambush crit = dead.
    the Blink is again, right on point. 😀

  12. Cliff Jones
    Cliff Jones

    I’ve never played World of Warcraft, but by this statement I’m led to believe that being a rogue is bad?

  13. Amaxe

    Alternately, one could say that the first panel is just a long way of saying the second


  14. Aaron of Minneapolis
    Aaron of Minneapolis

    He he he… :-) Certainly seems that way sometimes.

  15. jmb

    QQ, the art of whining like little *itches on official forums, and think your opinion is worth something. btw at John, WotLK that statement was true, but it actually requires a better rotation now to do the proper dps.

  16. Leilanirane

    Wait I read the same thing twice here….what’s the joke 😛

  17. Herbsmoker

    Hell, right!
    We see only if we want to see.

  18. Rogerabbit

    Why are people getting mad about rogues? Sub has never worked better >.>

  19. Uriah

    So true.

  20. Viladras


  21. TaskWizard

    jk, Im safe. ever since i donated my first born son to Bliz, they promised to buff mages every patch. Dont tell them that i told you.

  22. Mr. Tastix
    Mr. Tastix

    The sight of this image is enough to make rogues cry.

    The comments above seem to prove my point.

  23. Metraton

    Indeed, so true….

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