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Much love to reddit's r/starcraft, who experienced much wailing and gnashing of teeth during MLG Dallas.

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  1. Meteox

    Ouch , thats evil from you :( *Still waiting for SC2 Lan support*

  2. Jetpack

    lol so true. Sadly i could actually see this happening

  3. Johnglenn

    Now that’s ironic.

  4. Swenka

    Not cool >.>

  5. Magedragaon

    First time reader and commenter.
    I am adjusting to a new job I start in two days from day shift to night shift and had to keep my mind busy to adjust to staying up all night. I searched a leading search provider with “wow comics” and have read about five of them through. The sixth of course is the daily blink.
    I must say, this is the only one I laughed at 90% of the time. The other 10% was probably because I did not “get the joke”. The overlay text and comments of the other 10% I did not get made me smile at least and the QQ when it struck a fan boy’s heart made me laugh out loud. I have bookmarked this site and will tell all my WoW friend to do same.


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