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Obviously, applicants with the 'S' key still bound to walking backwards will be immediately rejected.

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  1. Jetpack

    BAHAHAHA i actually want someone do do this now πŸ˜›

  2. Gazimoff

    It’s not exploiting, it’s imaginative use of game mechanics πŸ˜‰

  3. Joshua S Hill
    Joshua S Hill

    “It’s not exploiting, it’s imaginative use of game mechanics”

    That’s almost as funny as the image.

  4. George

    @Jetpack: Agreed. Especially if they work in “The macro system is unfair” or “Mouse turners are unbalanced” into their PPT.

  5. Delirium

    Ahaha, Comic Saaaaaaaaans!

  6. Mark

    So glad that someone noticed how silly their job posting was in the first place.

    “Hey! Got no life? Single? Willing to move to where we are for free? Apply now!”

  7. TaskWizard

    that is a Bi-Winning comic right there.

  8. themann1086

    ROFL, the footnote about Comic Sans font is easily the best part of this. And the whole thing was great πŸ˜€

  9. Bear Pelt

    The Comic Sans bit really struck a nerve.

    Most because one of my clients just insisted on using Verdana in place of what I choose for a logo design. I told him, “I might as well use Comic Sans, yeah?”

    … He told me to try that out.


  10. Uriah

    One of the best dailyblink! Hit it home with this one, hehe

  11. Johnglenn

    Athene, best gamer in the world!

  12. Swenka

    I qualify for the forum ban/suspension. Perma-banned. =(

  13. Jennifer

    My mother insists on using Comic sans for…almost everything. Including her business correspondence…………….>.<

  14. IJffdrie

    Look, you publish a game, and when I use the game to its full capacity, you say I “cheated” or “exploited”. I simply play the game you brought out. You shouldn’t put something in the game and then expect people don’t utilize it to it’s fullest, that’s going against human nature.

    Well, I did leave four full-time raiding guilds after guild mergers, after which the old Guild master discovered he just joined a full-time raiding guild, and prompting every one of his old guild to leave for a new merger. This happened something like six times. It’s freaking hilarious in hindsight (especially since it was a social guild; half of us had never entered a raid)

  15. Gamerunknown

    Why do hardcore raiders smell?

    Because they never wipe.

    (shamelessly lifted from GameFAQs)

  16. flarestar

    the first qualification alone pretty much knocks out everyone not in ensidia

  17. Thatdudeoverthere

    reading slowly.. haha funny stuff <.< nom nomming some tacos – reaches the word.. "athen- BLAARGH" throws up EVERYWHERE and deleted my webbrowser and the daily blink from favorites :( some people like him.. others.. Decides murder is SOO worth it sometimes

  18. Bryant

    I didn’t rage until I saw the comic sans

  19. Spine

    oh yes, only materials posted in comic sans font will be considered… hehe.

  20. Lionhearte

    Haha this is the funniest I’ve seen in awhile. Comic Sans!

  21. Belcapu

    I would know a perfect candidate who visited our guild some times ago. Thirtythree(paladin) was the character and oh boy what a personality :oD

    Reason he left our guild was he exploded when we were joking that should our hunter bring his gorilla pet to the ICC Dreamwalker so that this paladin(33) could have the beacon on the gorilla. This guy lost his nerves and rage quit…. R.I.P 33

  22. Baenhoof

    Email this job posting to a forum troll.
    Best part.

    Do people actually do the youtube video thing? Wow.

  23. Skipboh

    Anyone noticed that it says ” Obviously, applicants with the ‘S’ key still bound to walking backwards will be immediately rejected. ” when you mouse over the comic? :)

  24. Jaxus

    Another related thing I think is funny is that the actual posting Blizzard had that sort of resembled this recently was for a temporary position with no benefits or relocation assistance.

    Really gonna attract those top-tier, critically-minded thinkers with that $10 an hour temp job.

  25. Chambertin

    Even game testers need $10 an hour trash to join the ranks. Everyone needs someone to pick on. Why do you think I was able to raid Naxx in vanilla on a hunter who didnt use grilled winter squid. So they had someone to point at when shit went wrong. ^_^

  26. DarkVeghetta

    Pff, ‘U’ is backpedal for me. And of course 7 is forward. YES, THAT IS CORRECT. G_G

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