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Joy unto you, peace and serenity, you are not of the body, would you calm the f@#$ down already?

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  1. Lesley

    Absolutely awesome, this should be inscribed on the brain of every WoW player.

  2. Confusion567

    I like this. I like this a lot. I may print this out and put it on my wall, then point to it meaningfully whenever somebody starts raging over a jerk in heroics or a bad wipe or something.

  3. Zorya

    beautiful *sheds a tear*

  4. Wayreth

    In 100,000 years, when humans are gone and the cockroaches have achieved sentience and developed an interest in the prehistory of their world, they will uncover both this, and the work it was based on.

    And they will regard this one as the original, because it better encapsulates the spirit of humanity.

  5. Kaima

    Wonderful. Completely wonderful. The hover text is the icing on the cake. If this were an actual poster, I’d want to hang it on my walls. :)

  6. Elderin

    What is this from?

  7. The Answer You Seek
    The Answer You Seek
  8. Stat

    It resembles Mahabharata – an ancient Indian epic. Original version consists of 18 tomes! Go go read it!

  9. Stat

    Uh my, bad! Poster above me was right :>, havent read that before!

  10. Squeekers


  11. Crusherkun

    Sooo Epic! Need to make this into a wall poster….or a little desk frame. That way when you forget yourself and throw the first thing you see, hopefully you will grab it first and calm you down before you destroy yet another headset! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. thrinetu

    this. is. awesome. wallpaper please?

  13. Crestllinger

    Yay for epic poetry.

    As a Balance druid I approve this message ^^

  14. magicbjorn

    I love how they have redone a — maybe uncommon to most — great poem. It’s truth

  15. Metraton

    No, I would not calm.

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