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  1. Wi1dfire

    Yeah, cialis for sell that was pretty much my reaction too.

  2. Cyph

    Nozdormu…For the man who can

  3. Hyacintha

    Speaking as a female WoW player … Nozdormu is hot.

  4. SonsofDisaster

    Yeah, I’d tap that.

  5. Klonoa Prower
    Klonoa Prower

    He looks like Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones

  6. Jennifer

    Where can I purchase my own Nozdormu? I…um…need someone to buy cialis 40 mg fix my car. While wearing nothing but his well packaged shorts. yeah….

  7. Tuck

    What an interesting way to start a Monday… yeaah.

  8. Hal

    Next time you go hunting for underwear ads, could you use one from Europe? They don’t, uh, flatten the models quite so much in post-production.


  9. Music-chan

    Personally, I think he looked better in that robe or whatever he was wearing. ;)

  10. Wikkidtruth

    @Hyacintha: I agree. I’d hit it. Like the buy cialis 20 mg without prescription fist of an angry god. oh yes.

  11. Triarii

    Awh yeah <3

  12. Squeekers

    Hmmm maybe I should start playing again…

  13. Leilanirane

    @ Jennifer: When he’s done at your place can you sent him to mine…I have some serious heavy lifting I’d like him to do.

  14. Raven

    He’ll be fit, and quite clean. He’ll be a strooooong man! OH HONEY!!! But the wrongggg maaaan-aaan!

  15. McPerson

    He would be about generic cialis cheapest price 99% better looking to me if he didn’t always look like he’d just opened his eyes underwater and he’s trying to recover.

  16. Maerad

    > He looks like Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones

    So damn true … sucks that he met a really bad healer …

  17. Dallanna

    Holy crap! cialis or viagra It’s Fu Manchu!

  18. Gavriyal

    All I can say is this:


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