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He's gooooota be fast and he's gooooota be strong and he's GOTTA PUT UP A FAIR FIIIIIIGHT

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  1. Bears

    Pink Deathcharger? Yes please, this will make me a very happy blonde indeed^_^

  2. Metal

    DK nerfs werent *that* bad… I’d love to find justification for rogue buffs thou =D

  3. ShineFist

    Metal, I think the nerf may be a bit too much, but what’s certain is that they had to be one, let’s just hope the dk won’t be too weak

  4. Frika

    Ha ha ha “let them bitch idd” ^_^

  5. painstriker

    disagree. overall in raid dps DK’s are still behind warlocks, druids, hunters, mages, priests. add on to that the fact that melee dps isn’t terribly popular for most heroics and….

    As a dk you can have top 10 ranks on WoL and still not make into the overall top200 for a boss in current content.

    IMO dk’s are fine where they are, shamans need a buff, rogues possibly a slight buff.

  6. ShineFist

    Painstriker, I don’t know about pve but I play it in arena and there is no heal that can hold me for more than 5mn. But with a 1.5 cd, pvp will need respec and I hope dk will still be efficient :/

  7. Nolirion

    Great as always

  8. Crestllinger

    An incinerataed pally in charge of the Deathknights? Where’s Ghostcrawler when you need him?!

    Actually…nevermind he likely gave Bolvar his nerfbat before integrating with the WoW mainframe.

  9. TaskWizard

    Buff Mages

  10. ZephiraZ

    I read all of this while in windowed mode, flying back and forth between archaeology digsites (holy butts that takes forever, 310 flying is the best thing in the world). Needless to say, I laughed a lot. Made the long treks bearable. I was quite sad to see that I caught up, but I look forward to more!

    (Also lawl mages, Warlocks are where it’s at. I wish I could summon a pet Paladin…)

  11. BenMS

    “He’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta be fast and he’s gotta be fresh from the fight”

    Close though :)

  12. Muffinslam

    Bolvar’s signature sentence… is just oh so epic.

  13. Gendarr

    U U U. After making the Deathchargers pink, give DK’s a buff so the DC’s leave blooming flowers on their hoovesteps and rainbows come out of their noses when exhaleing. That would spice things up a bit.
    Good one TDB , love it.

  14. Keysa

    The correct idiom is “Jiminy Cricket” not “Christmas” ^^ ….after the Walt Disney character.

  15. Squeekers

    For a pink deathcharger I’d totally roll a DK.

  16. Starscythe

    can we get arthas back?

  17. Larkspur

    Zombie plants in the plaguelands were already evidence of Bolvar’s madness. :c

  18. Metraton

    Balance of the “grave” sounds out. Something like “Balance of the pwn”. And really, Bolvar must have been an Unholy Paladin during his lifetime. Sure, he started to hate frost now. Statistically, someone has to, soon or less. But to give UH DKs 15% str? Paranoic….

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