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When adapted for World of Warcraft, the Iron Man franchise gets really weird because it's really hard to show a dwarf having an issue with alcohol.

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  1. Aristabrat

    XD Epic

  2. Sunreacher

    Best movie poster you’ve done so far for me. Awesome one.

  3. iKiddo

    Cool but your other ones have been far better in complete honesty. =/

    May just be me but still, or the idea that the original Iron Man poster was just “meh” to begin with.

  4. Kuhn

    Well, I laughed at the alt-text. It also has got to be hard to adapt iron man when his dwarf side kick would be a dark iron.

  5. Chris
    Chris Hanel

    iKiddo, I will actually take the rare step of agreeing with you on this one, though I think it’s because the Thrall poster ended up being SO much better than either Mike or I really expected. If I could have seen into the future when we started the series, I would have had the Thrall poster be last.

    Additionally, trying to make the Iron Dwarf from low-rez texture armor ended up being incredibly difficult (though I’m still very proud of myself for finding parts that worked as well as they did).

  6. Music-chan

    See, a dwarf’s problem with alcohol is that he DOESN’T drink. Have you ever seen a dwarf sober? I haven’t.

  7. Crestllinger

    @ the alt text. That and the whole blood poisoning thing can be cured by a mutitude of people.

  8. Alpha0727

    Has anyone seen Furturama? Bender drinks copious amounts of alcohol to recharge his fuel cells, while displaying symptoms similar to intoxication when he stops. A Dwarf with an alcohol problem could be a Dwarf who is not drinking the required amount of alcohol, like Bender.

  9. newbonomicon

    I’m reminded of Dwarf Fortress. To show a dwarf with an alcohol problem, you just need him to go get a beer while on fire. Anyway, if you’re going to follow this pattern to its end, who’s gonna be Spidey?

  10. Helldraco

    “A Dwarf with an alcohol problem could be a Dwarf who is not drinking the required amount of alcohol, like Bender.”

    @ Alpha0727… true… so true

  11. Dovius

    Aaaaaaaaaand thanks for getting the Black Sabbath song stuck in my head.

  12. Sinamon

    hover text is so full of win

  13. lordlundar

    @Music-chan, I’ve seen a sober dwarf. They seem absolutely defeated until you stand between them and any alcohol. Then Vegas wouldn’t give you odds on your chances of survival.

  14. M@elstr0m

    The sequel for this needs to be called “Iron Dwarf: Medium-Rare”.

  15. Metraton

    Definetly better idea than the previous strip.

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