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All around Azeroth, guildies who were certain they were the 'Top Caster DPS' were finding out that role was actually filled by that mage that one of the guild officers just happened to get to level 85 before patch 4.2. Strange coincidence, that.

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  1. Garo

    Is it bad that, if I got this, I’d rather just have the second phase than the last?

  2. Lalwanator

    The first stick looks the best.

  3. Wiredmana

    I read ‘Base’ as ‘Bark’… So true.

  4. Swenka

    Any of the first 3, preferably the second phase.

  5. Tehcrash

    The Daily Blink, nailing it again. This is right there with ‘Which mage utility should we steal next?’

  6. Music-chan

    You forgot to add that the first person with the staff will leave the guild to find a ‘better’ one at the first possible opportunity =p

  7. Crestllinger

    Unless you’re the main ranged caster in the guild ^^

  8. Nah

    More like -especially- if you’re the main ranged caster in the guild… Such was my experience with Shadowmournes. Yes, plural.

  9. manos1234

    I hate legendary quests.
    Cause many people need to work for the sake of one person.
    I my DK is still stuck with shadows edge

  10. Goundin

    Last phase looks like a lich.

  11. Metraton

    Once again, truth is so simple. Hover text is correct. Fresh dinged officer mage alt will use. WILL. USE. IT. While somebody else, as people mention, would leave just to showoff and deprive the guild off the minipet.

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