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Please get the Gong Show joke. Please get the Gong Show joke. Please get the Gong Show joke. Oh please oh please oh please. Oh god, all our readers are 14 years old, aren't they? This was a mistake. PANIC!

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  1. Nivella

    I heard that Al’Akir turned skywall into a big wind tunnel for raiders to free fall in.

  2. Leilanirane

    You left out the “L” in Toddler.

    This is awesome! And I SO got the joke!, we aren’t all 14!! 😛

  3. Squeekers

    The “l” from “toddler” thought he’d be more comfortable in “sobbing”.

  4. Leilanirane

    @ Squeekers: Oh you’re right…i didn’t catch it in “sobbing”

  5. Squeekers

    And then the “l” from “still” felt the same way about “lullabyes”. 😀

  6. Squeekers


    I always love these comics anyway but “sobbling” makes me giggle out loud.

  7. Leilanirane

    Hee Hee…What would Chris and Mike do w/out our spell checking for them :) lol

  8. Chris
    Chris Hanel

    I’m going nuts because I wanna fix the typos but I’m at work. This will be bugging me all day long.

  9. Leilanirane

    Awww Chris, just don’t think about it…think about Unicorns and Glitter! Sorry, the progressive commercial was on and so that’s what popped in my head.

  10. Kendra

    I get the gong show joke! lol love it

  11. testaburger

    the nerf that made me and Totalbiscuit unsubscribe.

  12. Squeekers

    Uniclorns and Gitter!

  13. Elderin

    Be nice.

  14. Nah

    For a sec I thought you’d misspelled Norris or something, until I got to the gong part. XD

  15. Zaflis

    Sorry, Gong Show has never been shown in my country… and who watches TV at era of internet anyways? O.o

  16. Zophor

    Not sure why people are getting so hot and bothered over the nerf to NORMAL content. Only ones going to be doing normals when Fireland hits is likely gonna be alts.

  17. Dreamprowler

    Excellent, and I got the Gong Show joke … I’m glad somebody does … my guild didn’t get my humorous remarks regarding the gongs. The average age of our guildies must be lower than I thought.

  18. Axines

    Don’t be an elitest if people have nto been able to do this tier this is what they need, because the real action will be in Firelands

  19. Tylai

    Don’t worry, I got the Gong Show joke! ;D

  20. Tuck

    Amy Brenneman.

  21. manos1234

    People will get used on easy raids and not be competent enough for firelands without nerfing it

  22. Crestllinger

    As for the others…
    Halfus set his own dragons free then jumped off the cliff trying to get the Going Down achievement, Valiona and Therallion got into an argument and bit their heads’ off and the Ascendant Council combined into captain planet and flew off. No one knows what happened to Sinestra, though there seems to be gnomish construction on Chogall’s floor that belches green gas occasionally.

  23. Falos

    I’m sure if they nerfed Ulduar or Black Temple tomorrow no one would give a fuck. Long as they keep the elite content elite, why should the elitists care? They’re not carrying a guild full of bads, they don’t have a care in the world.

  24. Sidonis

    the nerf that made me and Totalbiscuit unsubscribe.

    You’re unsubscribing because they’re nerfing the normal modes of what will be the irrelevant tier of content on 4.2 release?

  25. DexterBelgium

    This actually made me feel bad for old Cho’. C’mon man, let him have his dignity!

    Epic, epic strip, as usual. You’re a funny guy!

  26. Araidine


    @Leilanirane omg I love that commercial

  27. Muffinslam

    My exact thoughts when I heard of the changes.

  28. Muffinslam

    uhmm… I often forget to put my cursor on the picture and see your thoughts about them.. did now.
    Yeeeeeeah…. I did not get that…
    but wow, you two are really.. that much disappoint of us..?
    I can relate how you like something and express it in a mature way but have people enjoy only the silly part in it… or just not fully understand you. I hope you don’t feel exactly that way, cause it can suck.
    you guys are fantastic at this, even if you are 100 times smarter / more sophisticated than 90% of your viewers.

  29. JRSpaniel

    Drinking games with Maloriak? Sign me up!

  30. manos1234

    I wanted so much to kill Nef and aAl akir before they get nerfed by my guild wants to do heroic modes :(

  31. Metraton

    Hover text is worse than even MLP one. But the strip is good, better than most recent ones.

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