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I've been turned into a cow... can I go home?

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  1. Runningcow

    Come on men, nobody lives forever. CHARGE!

  2. pacientK

    Nice one. That cc fix going to change the world of pulling forever.

  3. SiP

    Exactly what I was thinking!

  4. AWildmann

    This one is awesome, too bad this won’t happen with fear.

    Very nice comic!

  5. Captain British

    No, I didn’t see his hat :( Legendary is on at like 5am my time so I never get to watch it.

  6. George

    Well, they never noticed those giant glowing arrows Hunters put on their heads… not surprised by this, really.

  7. Lalwanator


  8. Elderin

    I always thought about this when I was dungeon crawling. In Scarlet Monastery, I always wondered why the NPCs never noticed when their fellows disappeared.

  9. Crestllinger

    Lol unionized NPC adds, that explains it all.

  10. Jake

    I really, REALLY appreciate the Emperor’s New Groove reference. I am now tempted to make a macro for PuGs saying “Kronk, why did I think you could do this? This one simple thing. It’s like I’m talking to a monkey!”

  11. BizarreMonkey

    Awesome emperors new groove references. 😀 (hover text ftw)

  12. Haggi

    always wished polymorph turned you into a random selection of animals, including a .01% chance of becoming a bowl of petunias or a whale-shark.

  13. Kauket

    Ford, you’re turning into a penguin. Stop it!

  14. Sky

    best alt text ever

  15. DarkVeghetta

    … purple pvp cloth gear… … PURPLE PVP CLOTH GEAR?! IT’S NAME, I MUST KNOW IT!! Think I finally found my new pvp transmog helm+chest! :3

  16. DarkVeghetta

    Damn, after some research, it’s not in the game. It’s Deadly Gladiator’s Regalia, but somehow color-swapped to purple. Damn it daily blink, WHY DO YOU DASH MY HOPES AND DREAMS! Q_Q

    Too bad, I loved my old DGR helm… but I’m arcane. It would have been awesome to get this for my pvp transmog set… oh well, back to Bloodthirsty Fireweave Cowl. :/

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