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I've been turned into a cow... can I go home?

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  1. Runningcow

    Come on men, buy cialis super active nobody lives forever. CHARGE!

  2. pacientK

    Nice one. That cc fix going to change the world of pulling forever.

  3. SiP

    Exactly what I was thinking!

  4. AWildmann

    This one is awesome, too bad this won’t happen with fear.

    Very nice comic!

  5. Captain British

    No, I didn’t see his hat :( Legendary is on at like 5am my time so I never get to watch it.

  6. George

    Well, they never noticed those giant glowing arrows Hunters put on their heads… not surprised by this, really.

  7. Lalwanator


  8. Elderin

    I always thought about want to buy viagra at cheap price this generic levitra uk when I was dungeon crawling. In Scarlet Monastery, I always wondered why the NPCs never noticed when their fellows disappeared.

  9. Crestllinger

    Lol unionized NPC adds, that explains it all.

  10. Jake

    I really, REALLY appreciate the Emperor’s New Groove reference. I am now tempted to make a macro for PuGs saying “Kronk, need cialis why did I think you could do this? This one simple thing. It’s like I’m talking to a monkey!”

  11. BizarreMonkey

    Awesome emperors new groove references. :D (hover text ftw)

  12. Haggi

    always wished polymorph turned you into a random selection of animals, including a .01% chance of becoming a bowl of petunias or a whale-shark.

  13. Kauket

    Ford, you’re turning into a penguin. Stop it!

  14. Sky

    best alt text ever

  15. DarkVeghetta

    … purple pvp cloth gear… … PURPLE PVP CLOTH GEAR?! IT’S NAME, I MUST KNOW IT!! Think I finally found my new pvp transmog helm+chest! :3

  16. DarkVeghetta

    Damn, after some research, it’s not in the cialis mail order uk game. It’s Deadly Gladiator’s Regalia, but somehow color-swapped to purple. Damn it daily blink, WHY DO YOU DASH MY HOPES AND DREAMS! Q_Q

    Too bad, viagra order I loved my old DGR helm… but I’m arcane. It would have been awesome to buy viagra canada get this for my pvp transmog set… oh well, back to Bloodthirsty Fireweave Cowl. :/

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