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Terenas is here because 1) There are few models in WoW that can hold up that close, and 2) He looks a lot like Anthony Hopkins. I hope the Lore nazis can forgive me, or even better, find the connection that makes it obvious for him to be in the poster.

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  1. Anaalius

    ahhh, Wish they would get to work on a real warcraft film!

  2. iKiddo

    PLEASE can we get this as a wallpaper? Pretty please? 😀

  3. pontelon

    Terenas connection:
    He was one of the Kings involved in the Interment Camps of the orcs, and thus helped pave the way for Thrall’s rise.

    And his son boned Jaina, who is BFF4Life(and possible 3-way partner) to Thrall.

    ANYWAY, Absolutely amazing poster! I mean it! You win at least 15 internets for such a creation!

  4. twig481

    ….who’s the dude second from the left?

  5. Garo

    I echo the wallpaper request. >.>

  6. Saz

    This is absolutely stunning! WTB this image as an actual poster.

  7. DarkAngel

    gief us wallapaper pls :)

  8. Nerd

    I also scream for an wallpaper!

  9. Elderin

    I was thinking Iron Dwarf when I say the first poster. LOL.Though, I was thinking Thor/Troll poster instead of a Thor/Thrall poster.

  10. Kevin

    I thought this was going to be a parody on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    I was sadly disapointed =(

  11. MaxS

    That’s Neltharion/Deathwing in his human form.

  12. Drazisil

    I really wish this was a real movie poster…I need this on my wall.

  13. Chris

    Strange that Thrall’s wife isn’t there. Oh well, Jaina is to console him, :)

  14. Jennifer

    Thrall grew up under Blackmoore, who was personally chosen by Terenas to oversee the orc internment camps in Durnholde Keep. Blackmoore not only shaped Thrall as he was growing, but was also responsible both for the friendship and the death of Tabetha to Thrall – which friendship proved to Thrall that humans and orcs could work together.

    It’s tenuous, but there is definitely a connection between Thrall and Terenas.

  15. Tuck

    Didn’t Terenas also get visited by Raven-boy (Medievh), except unlike Thrall, Terenas didn’t listen? That would make him kind of the villain, although Arthas might have been better.

  16. Squeekers


  17. Lskuhar

    This is aweeeesome! How do you do this stuff!?

  18. Jason Hayes
    Jason Hayes

    That is one EPIC poster!!! I love it :)

  19. jesus

    wallpaper ploxx

  20. Thrall

    loved that job, hated getting raided 25 man’ed for my mace tho…

  21. Doctor Oddfellow
    Doctor Oddfellow

    Well, can’t say I didn’t expect this.

  22. Atalvez

    I didnt expect it. >.>

  23. Alpha0727

    For The Horde!!!

  24. Rondy

    Thrall will always be my Warchief! Long live Thrall!

  25. Rondy

    You guys should consider printing this out and selling it on your site, I’d buy one.

  26. omer

    @pontelon – much simpler

    Terenas is thrall’s biological godfather

  27. Taijavu

    Love it but for one thing.. I hate Hooker-look Jaina. Classic Jaina model FTW

  28. Asenath

    Another vote for a wallpaper! 😀

  29. Aleksei

    EPIC!! Another vote for a wallpaper!!

  30. Oynafar

    High Resolution? Wallpaper? or Print to buy? where?

  31. Zak

    I. Want. that. HAMMER!

  32. Surfpenguin

    Okay, this is officially badass!

  33. Rhad

    Amazing! How did you make this hammer? Anyway, greeeeeat!

  34. Morgan

    Make this as a proper poster (purchasable), or a downloadable a3+ size (with paypal donation) and you have at least one guarantted customer. This is exceptional work

  35. Amastila
  36. Metraton

    Shame. I mean, really. Movie is shit. Modern shit. Good idea, but I feel sorry for Thrall.

  37. Llirra

    AMAZING image. Wallpaper please? So many want to BUY this image as a wallpaper! Make some cash and get me this excellent image as a wallpaper. I adore Thrall.

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