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This aggression will not stand, man!

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  1. Trey318


  2. Maijenne

    Just brilliant!!! XD

  3. JonnyP

    nice told 😛

  4. XZero264

    Yep, there goes what little pvp skill I had. No more mass stealing pally wings.

  5. Elderin

    Clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about. Blizzard hates Paladins.

    Wait….Blizzard hates Warriors.

    Wait….Blizzard hates hardcore players.

    Wait….Blizzard hates casual players.

    Wait…Blizzard hates PvPers.

    Wait…Blizzard hates raiders.

    Hmm, it appears that Blizzard hates everyone.

  6. Music-chan

    Whaaaaaat!? How will my under-played mages ever spell steal everything to their heart’s content? THIS WON’T STAND!

    Also, I agree with Elderin.

  7. Nah

    But how will I solo-dispel Jaraxxus now? >:O

    Oh right, ToGC sucked and no one really ever goes back in there. Nevermind. 😀

  8. AressFenus

    I understand the plight of all classes and how Blizz hates them, but… What’s with this guy’s body? Second panel he looks like he’s forming a backwards right angle.

  9. Chris
    Chris Hanel

    It’s a roar emote with the camera up above. I *knew* I should have photoshopped in a floor…. 😀

  10. Typhin

    @AressFenus He appears to have fallen to his knees to shout at the gods devs devgods.

  11. Haverok

    And all destro warlocks smiled wickedly, when they saw this…

    You may say many things, but Blizzard really hates warlocks. 😛

  12. Elel

    “All right, but APART from the Arcane Blast, the Arcane Missiles, the Arcane Explosion, the Blizzard, the Frostbolt and the Frost armour buffs – what has Blizzard EVER done for us?”

    “Made us better than Warlocks at last?”

    “Shut up.”

    – The Mage’s Front of Judea

  13. Folthern

    How will I steal pointless buffs from Resto Druids and Disc priests now?!

  14. Ronwei

    But HOW will I steal 10 charges of Arcanotron shield in a dozen seconds on Omnotron now ? 😛 You mean, people in the raid actually KNOW when to switch and stop dps ? No way ! 😀

  15. Fro

    Ahhh sooo true, lol

  16. Hooraah

    All jokes aside, that nerf is totally deserved. No more bouncing around lolling while spamming Spellsteal until they win the lottery (eg steal AW).

  17. Dallanna

    At the risk of sounding extremely petty, I’m gonna have to join the litany of scorn filled laughter at mages’ expense.

    But, yes, I get the joke.

  18. Drujt

    I would like to see something similar for balance druids, but that will be sad, not funny.

  19. SoMuchWin


  20. Peppeh

    Lol’d hard! ;D

  21. Andrew

    i’d rather do less damage than lose utility, personally. we’re talking about numbers tweaks over mechanical function. now i can’t whip stacks of things off bosses. i’m not a pvp mage, and it’s a completely pvp nerf.

  22. mitos33

    LOL SO TRUE!!!!

  23. Leilanirane

    OMG 6 SECONDS….Do you know how many spells I’m not going to be able to steal now?!?!? Why blizzard why would you cast your hate apon the mage like this? why? Why? WHY?!?!?

    oh and thanks for the upgrades from 4.1 awesome show!


  24. AAAAA!
  25. Mans

    Why do I imagine that the guy from time gnomes is doing his voice, when I read this text…?

  26. Spine

    i don’t get why mages get buffed at all. Especially, Ice Lance damage. Instant 10K spam isn’t good enough, I guess. RAWRAWRAWR! RAGE

  27. Ellywin

    You should know realize why mages are so overpowered in both PvP and PvE , GhostCrawler himself plays a mage as main as he already stated , so what do you expect??
    and Look at mages , they have High survivablilty more than paladins even lol , they have 2 trinkets Blink i.e and user trinket, Invisbility , etc.. you name it … , so Mages , please dont talk about other classes being OP.

  28. fran


    sure, cause spaming ice lance works perfectly in raids.

  29. PvE Player
    PvE Player

    Its a sad sad day when pvp’ers rejoice over yet another PvE nerf. Why cant they just make it like CC and only be a 6 sec CD when cast on other players?

  30. AlbinoRaven

    Yes Ellywin because mages wear plate, heal themselves, tank, and do damage at the same time… Frost mages are quite powerful in pvp but that doesn’t apply to all mages. Also the arcane boosts are purely PvE, and well deserved. They will need to balance this nerf, but I will accept the balance. It just needs to be less of a lottery at that point, I don’t need to steal your BoK or anything dumb when I want to stop a random HoT or something. But mostly I don’t care about PvP, we need it for the PvE encounters like Omnotron.

  31. mans51

    @ Fran, no, but arcane blast n barrage does just fine with spamming…

  32. Ahahaha

    See latest PTR patchnotes to really enjoy this…

  33. Rondy


  34. LynX


  35. Metraton

    Well, you called this class good back in the day. Crybaby. The only possible description. First, you’ve got what I have shitted at in previous comments. Now you want to remove cooldown. Do you have any idea why was it implemented? To have 2 mages spellsteal Maloriak? No. To prevent mage from successfully spellstealing some NPC? No. 6 seconds. Read: 6 seconds. Not 2 minutes. Not 1 minute. Not even 30 seconds. This should actually help you. I have seen mindless spellsteal tappers in PvP. I continiously used LB on myself, getting that brainless mage oom. 1% of my mana vs 5% of his. Win. Now you will have to time your spellsteal for something useful. You will have to wait 6 seconds. And as Ahahaha well-linked, double manacost for Spellsteal will make mages actually use brain before pressing this button. No more PvP abuse or dumbshit. And more Dispels\Purges in PvE. Suck it, you deserve.

  36. Eric

    LoL i loved that one (playing a mage, fire, arcane may be op, but i want to set things on fire).

  37. DarkVeghetta

    Bah, arcane forever, even if they nerf me every other patch. On a fun side-note – I’m pretty sure Spellsteal only uses the global CD now in 5.2 (and 5.1 previously). So, HA! 😀

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