We are now the collective proud papa of a 170-some person guild. Any kind of words I could use to talk about how successful this has been so far would serve as a massive understatement. We’re just completely blown away by how many have signed up, and what’s more, stuck around for the long haul (or in some cases, transferred their mains over). Everyone that’s joined so far has been a pleasure to play with and we’re excited to see that our target demographic for the strip is apparently the “experienced and polite WoW player” market.

We’ve had a few questions about the guild that we haven’t covered anywhere, and I wanted to write out more thought out answers than the hasty responses I’ve been giving in guild chat.

Q: Is Mike B in your guild?

No. Mike B (from Legendary) is not the same as Mike Owen. Yes, they’re both heavily into PvP, but they’re not the same guy. 😀

Q: Can I still join the guild?

Absolutely! We’re now at a membership level where there should almost always be someone online that can invite you in.

Q: Is the guild getting a Vent/Mumble server?

That’s in the works. Once we decide on a host we will let everyone know.

Q: Are you guys going to raid? PVP? What roles should I be trying to fill?

Ah, yes, the dreaded guild “mission statement”. Here’s what we can say for now: We are going to do everything in our power to avoid becoming a zerg guild that does nothing but serve as a secondary General Chat. Mike and I are throwing ourselves into Deeps More Deeping as hard as we can and staying involved. That also means that we are pushing towards full PvE and PvP factions within the guild. This is going to take a lot of work and some strong leadership on the parts of ourselves and whoever should rise through the ranks to assist. There’s no real answer at the moment as to what classes we’re low on or what professions you should be taking up. The best answer I have at this moment is to play what you enjoy and we’ll see how the guild evolves.

I do not exaggerate, however, when I say that we want to see Deeps More Deeping become one of the best and most accomplished guilds on our server. Without having a single 85 in our guild, that’s a long way off. But we’re in a unique position to believe that such a thing is possible, and we’d regret it in the future if we didn’t try.

Q: Does the guild have any rules I should know about?

  1. Don’t be a dick. Respect your guildmates.
  2. As the guild grows, to avoid driftwood, we’ll be removing characters that are inactive for 60 days. We’ll have a place on the forums soon to register if you have an alt you don’t play much that you’d like to spare that fate.
  3. Assume that everyone in the guild is female until proven otherwise in the photo thread. Seriously. I think the split is 70-30 female at this point. It’s awesome.

Any more questions can be asked on our Forum, or simply log on to Smolderthorn and join in!