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  1. Garbag

    Go to Dragoncon. Smaller convention, for the fans, not the press (sure it doesn’t have brand new things like E3, but like you said you didn’t get to do any of them anyway), people are generally nicer, more variety and attractiveness in cosplay… just overall a better atmosphere for fans.

    Oh, and I got to talk to Sandeep Parikh face-to-face after attending one of his events where he talked about Legend of Neil. Shook his hand. 😛

  2. Kendra

    ha i love that guy.That would make it awesome.

  3. Sheldor

    Sandeep is a god among men! I’m jelly.

  4. Mikeztarp

    E3 as a member of the press is awesome, but as a simple visitor… it’s better to stay at home comfortably following everything from your computer (all the conferences are live now, and you wouldn’t be able to try many demos either way).

    The only reason to actually go is for that epic feeling you get by being in the crowd when a dev announces something big (e.g. at WWI08 when the first guitar chords were struck and the crowd went wild, everyone knew it was Diablo 3… I’ll never forget that moment :D).

  5. toddiuszho

    I briefly talked to Sandeep Parikh at PAX ’09. It went down something like this:

    Me: Hey, you’re EffinFunny!
    Sandeep: Oh great! You actually know about that site! Awesome! Man, you are tall!
    Me: Well, it’s not like I can do a backflip like you.
    Sandeep: I’d gladly trade the ability to do a backflip to be taller. I guess we all have to play with our strengths and weaknesses.

  6. LeonW

    That’s why you go as press, duh :)

  7. Melfina the Blue

    I’d totally second the DragonCon recommendation. After all, where else are you going to see….Bat Man fighting a vampire Nazi. Picture’s a couple years old now, but the con is AWESOME!

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