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If you should be the first on the scene of a fire, remember: Call the Fire Department, not the Department of Fire. (Ragnaros is a very busy fire/god/thing and can't take additional phone calls right now.)

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  1. Geddy

    “…Unless the floor is on fire, in which case- ” brilliant, absolutely brilliant

  2. Glitterific - Dizziee
    Glitterific - Dizziee


  3. Westeros

    The mages as flammable objects and floor on fire made me laugh so hard. Great job as always guy!

  4. Strongbadd

    “…such as papaer, oily rags, or Mages” I lol’d in my pants when I read that.

  5. Stop Drop & ROFL
    Stop Drop & ROFL

    Legendary post! Would LOL again <3

    Love the QQ eyes for mages!

  6. Chicks

    I approve.

  7. Tanksi

    QQ more mages!

  8. Dathnull

    that’s AWESOME!!!

  9. Jenny

    This should definitely be a poster.

  10. Crestllinger

    You’d be surprised how busy Ragnaros is these days, from killing off PTR targets to scaring the $@#^ out of Thrall to keeping his realm lit

  11. Pursy

    Insulting for a mage… But I do love it :)

    (do a druid next!) *grin*

  12. Zuziza

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the priests’ 4pc healing fire in the infographic. There’s gotta be a troll in charge of our class since Cata was in development. Spriests are good DPS, we have lifegrip for griefing, RNG mastery for shadow, disc doesn’t bubble spam, LOLwell is back, 4pc is a FIREwell that shoots balls of flame at your raid members while surrounding one in a circle of fire… just in time for Firelands!

  13. Heliolord

    I love “accidentally” setting mage dresses on fire when I “accidentally” drop a spark from my immolate. Totally an accident.

  14. Malleus

    Mages aren’t flammable. Their tears douse even the mightiest blaze.

  15. Shammah

    If that were true, Malleus, there’d be no fires left on Azeroth or Draenor, what with all the mages crying like little girls.

  16. Metraton

    Nonsense, But the Q_Q part was funny.

  17. Qqiliektoqq

    @Malleus, I thought it’s all other classes QQing about mages, not mages qqing about themselves. And TDB is made by mages, so shut up! 3:

  18. Herbsmoker

    One of the best TheDailyBlink I think

  19. Azothoras

    …Is that Duke Nukem?

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