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Thanks to Kara and Evan from the guild for posing!

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  1. Tuck

    Rogues can stun. Rogues can be level 85. Rogues can disarm. Rogues don’t need guildmates!

  2. Randell

    Yes but all of that dose not matter if you cant see your enemy ^.^

  3. Aleksey

    wow yay my question got answered lol

  4. Wynterborn

    Rogues do it in the darkness, Rogues do it where the sun don’t shine, With a little drop of poison…Rogues do it from behind 😀 <3

  5. Hamish

    Yes but based on the guildmates theory for all we know the Dark Templar might have a siege tank ally :p

  6. Iziola

    hahaha the druids name made my day xD
    gg guys <3

  7. MC182

    If we are assuming the rogue has guild mates we have to assume that the Dark Templar has a Protoss clan with him. With observers. and more DT, and stalkers. there’s also the void rays…

  8. Shammah

    @Iziola: What Druid?

  9. Banicrhys


    DTs have 120 health and can do up to 50 damage.
    Rogues have tens of thousands of health and can do thousands of damage.

  10. Peddel

    @Shammah, The Troll druid called GG Idra Stab.

    Idra is a professional SC2 player who often ragequits. (its hilarious)

  11. Blackriver

    What gives you the idea he’s a druid? Given the context of the comic, and the weapon he’s using, he’s pretty clearly a rogue.

  12. Adalwolf

    It’s a Troll Rogue!! The whole point of the comic is that Rogues (the troll) have friends with stealth detection (the undead hunter)…

  13. Metraton

    Since when did Dark Templars fear stealth detection? I mean, they are not resto druids. They do not prowl straight through Flare. They kill Stealth Detector. Then they kill target. And how hard can it be to kill a rogue who is likely afking behind some pillar?

  14. AAAAA!

    @ Banicrhys

    In WC3, trolls only have 350 hp. So you have to scale up.

  15. Mujutsu

    @MC182: yes, but the Dark Templar is honorable and fights alone, while the rogue is definitely not 😀

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