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Phases One through Three of Nef fight: Grab his tail, spin him around, throw him into bombs.

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  1. Kenji117

    Is that your goblin warrior, Chris?

  2. NecroMac

    Hahaha 😀 i miss those times when i could play Mario 10h/day 😀

  3. Thoriban

    Lol brilliant, especially like the quest titles. Now that I think of it, there were a lot of stars to find in a level that allegedly had only one star to find 😀 Keep up the great work 😀

  4. Klonoa Prower
    Klonoa Prower

    Only one coin? Baddie!

  5. Crestllinger

    Probably going to jump off that cliff four times for the star at the furthest pixel edge possible on the way down. Bring a parachute ^^

  6. Zophor

    Win…just Win

  7. The Risu
    The Risu

    *Obligatory wing-cap and its flying mount equivalence quip.* 😛

    Also, I lol’d at the mouseover text. Looks like you lot got an epic shipment of Win this week!

  8. Leilanirane

    Hmm It’s patch day and now you gave me an idea….where’s my Nintendo

  9. Sidonis

    Patch day? It’s just maintenance…since you know, been getting by on just restarts for 3 weeks now.

  10. Tira

    im with Leilanirane on this, bbl gotta go play some yoshi story and mario!

  11. Jordy

    awsome blink,

    i want too play it agian lol 😛 miss the old days ^^

  12. Niiko

    Nearest cliff? Go up the bridge, past the Chain Chomp and through the fence, can’t miss it.

  13. TooManyAlts

    I do believe it is. I noticed when we were running gnomer last night. Note to self: Gnomer sucks.

  14. George

    Not patch day, 4.2 is during start of Season 10, season 9 is only winding down at the moment.

  15. McPerson

    High fives all around for people who couldn’t get the hang of that elevator thing.

  16. TaskWizard

    you forgot to replace your “star quip” place holders

  17. Chambertin

    Funny, and interesting.
    in China we have a show dedicated to wow “I’m MT” the second season opener uses a WoW – Mario theme and is quite funny.

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